Mississippi Burning – Hate – Jealousy -Deceit

Police look for clues in case of Mississippi girl burned to death

I am picking up that there was a female behind this driving the point home. Jealousy, female and she set things into motion. There is a male involved- I don’t get that she knew the guy at all… but did know of the female, things will come to light over the next 18 months… first it will be authorities think they know what’s going on and then they won’t. This very well has a marking a false flag plant, someone did this out of personal hate and jealousy, a female got the ball rolling and others will jump on it and use it to their advantage. I also a very strong sense of the 1920 duluth, mn lynchings where 4 black men were lynched and only to find out they didn’t do what they were lynched for.

I do get a sense this will rock things heavily

Time square trouble new years eve


I have a bad feeling along with my nightmares,that this coming year will be a lot worse then last..I feel it will start New Years Eve in Times Square in Times Square….this is a time of spiritual awakenings.I also know that I’m not the only one who feels this….those of you who feel the same thing it’s time to speak out…..I see more serious
cyber attacks on our power and, transportation grids… I see drones fitted with nuclear devices, undetectable by radar possibly targeting Israel by Iran….I see the worst winter storms ever seen,hit most of the U.S…..plus,a wicked cold and flu season.I feel Russia is going to strike fear as a last ditch effort before their economy crashes…things will get better….but not until they get.a lot worse first….what do you see ?

A Potential Terrorist Attack Tomorrow

I’m going to make this post very brief and explain further if this happens to occur. I have a fear that the release of “The Interview” tomorrow will set off a Aurora, Colorado false flag shooting used to further gun confiscation at the start of the new year. It will be around this time that we will see assassinations of political leaders and then the civil war begins. Keep an eye out for it. This might be the trigger that blows up the whole damn thing.

Forecast For: South America, Africa and The Middle East

Here are some more predictions for various parts of the world.


South America: When various middle class families face persecution in their homes, they will flee to new refugee sites in South America. Canada and the US see massive exile into Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay as they pull together resources to build new communities there. There will be some tensions with residents at first due to some dislocation attacks. However, a peaceful co-existence can work itself out in ten to twenty years time. As this is going on, further police brutality attacks sees sharp divisions in warfare for 2015. These conflicts dissipate in 2016 in time for the Rio De Janeiro Olympics. Some communist nations are overthrown while others have stronger democracies and republics in the aftermath of war. The good news overall, though, is there is no nuclear or chemical warfare in the current trajectory of time. That means the infrastructure will largely sustain itself and makes it a safe plan to invest, build and grow in the near and far off distant future.


Africa: The continent as a whole suffers the most violence it will ever receive. A black death plagues various nations as millions die from thirst, hunger, disease, starvation and murder. Women and children will be torn apart by rape, disaster and forced labor. However, the 2020’s begins a two decade recovery process in which the nation of Swaziland serves a new mecca for international trade by the time the 2040’s comes around. On Earth, Africa is the new and final frontier before space excavation begins in the late 2050’s or early 2060’s. The transition will sting at first, but things will be better in the end.


The Middle East: I already wrote about the social renaissance that millions of muslims will undergo in the 2020’s, but before that time arises, the war from Al-Badghadi will wreck havoc in the region and cause the death of millions in its blast. Disease and violence pail in comparison to armed and nuclear attacks on Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. The devastation spills over every part of the continent, including Israel, and even extends into parts of India and China as well. The suffering continues until the late 2010’s for recovery as early as 2021. There will be better times ahead, but first things will burn to get to that point.

Forecast For: Some US States (New York, California and Texas)

This is a bit of a brief post, but I wanted to share some predictions on a few US states separate from the general civil war prediction.


New York: Faces the threat of an uprising along with a nuclear blast in August or September. The city will burn and sink into the ocean while upstate will suffer to varying degrees as relocation revitalizes some areas and abandonment destroys other neighboring cities. The towns and counties closet to New York, Albany and Buffalo fare best while more rural counties east and west of Nyack fare far worse than the other surrounding areas.


California: This isn’t the year to worry about the San Andreas fault. The fault line becomes a much larger issue near the end of the century. Instead, a nuclear bomb in a new area of southern California detonates Los Angeles county and kills two to three million in its blast. Northern California fares far better, except for San Francisco, which is hit with a tornado and an earthquake in the same year.


Texas: Too much of their economy is reliant upon oil. If the inflation of other goods continues with a massive deflation of oil prices, Texas property values will plummet and an unemployment crisis unlike any other area of the nation will follow. The safest areas are near Houston and Austin. Dallas and San Antonio are far more susceptible to violence and detonated bombs of rogue terrorist groups; possibly in relation to drug cartels. When secession comes in 2017, they will fare far better if they forge a path towards renewable energy and hybrid cars.

Freedom shall ring once more when the storm passes. Good times are ahead, but things will get worse before they get better again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Forecast For: The United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany and the European Union

I’m on a roll with my forecast predictions, so I’ll keep posting while the fire is still hot. ๐Ÿ™‚


The United Kingdom: This is going to be a year of upheaval for the entire nation. I suspect there will be a revolt led by the citizenry that sees many changes occur. Prime Minister David Cameron will be assassinated, Prince Charles is held under citizens arrest for a year or two before becoming a future monarch of the entire European continent and Princes William and Harry are forced to flee to the countryside; with Harry staring down death’s door and William seeing isolation with Kate Middleton for twenty five years. Scotland Yard eventually puts down this revolt, but the secession of Scotland takes place temporarily before a more organized plan follows in 2019 or 2020 at the latest.


Ireland: The Irish Republican (National perhaps) Army is back in the news this year, but this time their main target is not England or Northern Island. Instead, it’s Russia. After a deal for financial assistance falls through, Russia will have to worry about terrorism conducted by their forces that infiltrate near Moscow and cause more damage. Though the Queen is concerned with this disaster, her cabinet advises against any constitutional action. The House of Commons is not pleased with why the IRA has turned on Russia; due to how the issue will effect them in dealing with revolt. Out of all of the nations that economically stick it out, the Irish have the best shot; in competition with the Icelandic and the Norwegians.


France: Will see the first of three revolutions over the next one hundred years. Each will be successively put down until the third one prevails around the 2100’s. The citizenship will fall into major poverty and inequality will cause bitter resentment and mass instability for the throne during this year. I also feel that a Mali terrorist group will blow up the Eifel Tower (something I have foreseen in dreams before) in the fall of 2015 or 2016. The arc de triomphe may also be susceptible to an organized terrorist plot.


Germany: Faces the ice bomb attack that I predicted a number of months ago. Also will see Angela Merkel pushed down a flight of stairs with potentially fatal consequences. The rioting here is not as severe as it is in the rest of the European continent.


Switzerland: Faces international outcry for holding Wall Street bankers in asylum. By 2017, most of them will be arrested in an international court of law and face imprisonment in some cases and executions in others. The economy and environment also faces a period of fragility as well until 2020.


Italy: Major upheaval in all areas of life will follow. The nation’s Catholic roots will be expunged by political force and the state will drift into a poverty worse than any other country in the region except for Greece (or Turkey if you count them as being part of Europe). I also foresee attempts to take the Vatican City back into Italian sovereignty, but those efforts will fail (for the time being; they are renewed at a later date to more success). I also should note that the family life faces assault as women will offshoot work and force their men to take responsibility for themselves in their own affairs. Rocky social rejection follows.


Sweden: A nice place to be if you are of Anglo Saxon origin. However, if you are non-white, prepare to face a purging that will give even Hitler pause. The people of this nation of are good spirit and heart, but their racism will get the better of them during this war. There will be punishment for centuries of this institution being the way that it is. I wish it didn’t have to happen, but God works in mysterious ways.


Spain: The Catalonia issue is a spark that sets off a massive civil war in the region. I suspect that this rebel group will overthrow the far right government and successfully declare independence; for the time being. However, challenges to their sovereignty follow in the late 2020’s or the latter part of this century. Don’t be complacent with your new found freedoms. Fight for them or you will lose your hard earned spoils.


Greece: The economic pit of the entire European Union. If you thought the austerity protests were devastating now, wait until you see what’s coming in 2015. Yikes. The nation could face invasion by Russian forces, but the most pressing issue is instability at home. I suspect there may be a mass descent from Greece into other nations as migrants; more so than in other parts of history. Those that remain will face starvation, disease and death on a wide scale basis. If this issue isn’t contained to the Isles, it could become a continent wide disaster that effects all other nations on Earth. Keep a hold of your check books or unscrupulous individuals will soon rob your national bank; to the bitter stinging of your nation’s citizens.


A Final Note About the Euro and the Stability of the EU: The Euro is a bust. A shoddy plot of the New World Order agenda, it’s fail also sees the failure of the Rothschild/Rockefeller era come in its midst. In its place, a new continent wide monarchy rules instead. This doesn’t actually make the nation any better. In fact, economic mobility is non existent and much resentment comes from the usurping of republican rights. Though the monarchy will feel they have won, they have only diverted the issue for a short period of time. There will be lots of assassinations in Europe over the next two hundred years. I don’t suspect peace will come until halfway through this millennium; if at all. Sad state of affairs all around. Out of all of the world’s people, I feel the saddest for them. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

More predictions will be coming soon.

Forecast For: North Korea, China and the Asian Continent (excluding India)

I am starting a new series of blog posts that will encompass a couple of years of predictions in one go around. My first focus of forecast is on North Korea, China and other Asian countries that will play into one another for the next four to five years.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 2.28.07 PM

North Korea: Their controversial and often elusive leader has very legitimate reason to worry. He will be assassinated in 2016; but not by the Americans. Instead, it will be from the Chinese Communist Party who will find Kim Jong Un to be a loose cannon and threat to stability in their own nation. They will off him by someone in his own cabinet who is not an ally of Un’s but a foe instead. From there, North and South Korea will have a merger during a year of uncertainty that will see a unified Korea come about once more in 2017 (the way that the fall of the Berlin Wall united East and West Germany once more). This unified nation, along with several other sovereign Asian nations, will do battle with Communist China and overthrow them in 2018 or 2019 at the latest.


Japan: A major tsunami by years end or very early next year will submerge most of the continent into the sea. This will see wealthy Japanese men and women evacuate to the United States or China as refugees while the remaining will pick up the pieces from the ruins. There will be many deaths from this submerging into the sea; it could get as high as in the million category. From there, a seventy five year battle will take place between mainland activists who want to wait until the water levels subside and those who wish to build an above water city over where their nation once stood. They too, like the Koreans, will do battle (on a more technological scale) with the Communist Chinese government by 2017 for an overthrow by 2018 or 2019 at the latest.


Indonesia: A nation that will face muslim violence in the next year or two. Expect major terrorist attacks from an Al Qaeda offshoot to effect critical infrastructure and cause the deaths of millions of Indonesians as a result. A full scale bloody civil war follows in 2016 for a recovery period beginning in 2019.


Malaysia: Another nation which will face muslim violence. This time, it will hurt ISIS forces in Afghanistan as the capture and seizure of critical documents hurts their relations with the US but helps them to assert their military dominance in the Middle Eastern region in the early 2020’s; possibly by 2019.


Phillipines: More devastating earthquakes will come in 2019 and in the next nine years after that. There is a possibility of earlier strikes, but that I am uncertain of at this time. If you can leave this nation as a refugee, do so. Otherwise, prepare accordingly and hunker down with supplies and safety equipment as much as possible.


Vietnam: Faces another invasion risk by the Indian or Muslim Brotherhood, but I suspect that they will hold back this threat and come out victorious against their enemies.


Pakistan: Faces the risk of getting into a war with India’s Prime Minister Narenda Modi if their persecution of Sikh citizens isn’t stopped immediately. Modi will not tolerate this any longer and this, unfortunately for India, could hurt their economy at a time when they are on the rise. Muslim forces would be wise to take this advice seriously. No one comes out as a victor in such a scenario.


China: The nation has surpassed the United States in terms of economic power, but under a false illusion and a massive bubble of inflation. When their economy crashes hard, it will embolden the Umbrella Revolution to enter mainland China and offer up a major occupation that will make the one in Hong Kong seem tame and harmless in comparison. This is where I suspect Joshua Wong could become an assassination target; especially if he seeking advice from exiled Tibetan Monk leader the Dalai Lama. From there, the Chinese citizenry will join this movement and receive assistance from the Korean and Japanese armies who are anxious to stare down China’s communist regime in the face. When the Chinese military overextends their hand, revolt will become that becomes a war with their neighbors rapidly following this stand off. The conflict lasts for about two to three years before Communism is overthrown in the region once and for all. The United States, contrary to the belief of some, is not involved in this movement, nor is the ever illusive Occupy/Anonymous movement. This is a homegrown agenda and one that will reject outside assistance except for the instances of their immediate neighboring nations. A republic is established in 2019 and will remain in power for at least another hundred years. A monarchy may return in the 2100’s but that remains to be seen into the long off distant future of time.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more forecasts, along with some other new predictions, in the very near future. Best wishes to you all. ๐Ÿ™‚

Good News for Gun Owners


There is apparently good news for legal gun owners. New York’s SAFE Act will be overthrown in the Supreme Court by May or June of next year (probably with this case or another one similar to it). Essentially, this will throw out all other gun control measures in various states and the movement for legal gun confiscation will be blunted into inevitable demise. This will infuriate the elite who will plan on ordering massive disarmament actions anyway, but they will face massive resistance that will effectively blunt these sinister efforts to defy the law of the land. The second amendment lives on.

FEMA Camps


This is going to be a brief post, but important to share nonetheless. The work of great activists has seen the recent revelations of the police state, the surveillance state, the false flag attack, the Bilderberg meetings and the New World Order proven beyond a reasonable doubt. There is only one more revelation that will be revealed before January sees the beginning of armed conflict against the United States government; the FEMA camp. Concentration camps were built in Denver, Colorado, among other midwestern and southern cities, for the purposes of exterminating racial minorities, political dissidents and those deemed “unworthy” of sustaining life on this Earth (ala the Bill Gates depopulation seminar). They plan to begin deportations to these camps after a false flag attack in Washington (or another major city) under the guise of martial law and will get their intended targets via warrantless and unconstitutional house arrests. Before they are allowed to go through with it, however, Anonymous will post images and video which will redirect the protestors in the streets to their alleged locations; all the while dragging major media outlets into these sites. This will prove their existence beyond a reasonable doubt and the public will erupt into mass chaos and armed violence. Once that occurs, you can expect the first of several political assassinations to turn into armed revolt by the masses in the January/February period of 2015. Keep an eye out for it; for the world is soon going to take a dramatic turn for the worst.