A Few Predictions for 2015 from Fefelove


1. Increased fabricated race wars/division- divide and conquer

2. Loosening drug laws

3. False flags/ a potentially very terrible bombing in the USA/ school shootings (because of desire for gun control)

4. More missing planes

5. dark energy clouds over certain areas that formed in 2014 might now climax- like over NY, Chicago

6. Push for regulations due to fake ‘climate change’ propaganda and push back continues/increases and becomes even more overly fake/ exposed but the governments continue and start to go after the opposition

7. More whistleblowers/ people choosing sides

8. going toward wars/ rumors of wars world wide and at home

9. ISIS and others persecuting more Christians/ mainstream Muslims- general increased violence in countries like Lebanon and Isis moves into more areas.  More horrors.

10. People exposing more food issues and big companies changing because of intolerance to garbage food- this is becoming more mainstream

11. More nasty executive orders which suck away freedoms and create a tyranny

12. Many so called ‘conspiracy’ theories exposed to be accepted by the mainstream; ie people now believe in the NWO and their actions are being brought to the light

13. Increased political music/arts

14. Blacklists of patriots/ watch out if you have a voice these days because they will attack you in all sorts of ways that appear coincidental- persecution of good people who want freedom, etc.

15. Movie industry producing more freedom loving movies/ also more movies with predictive programming about certain agendas.  There is a sort of unspoken rebellion in the media which increases and becomes more overt in 2015

16. The land grab issues return/ persist

17.  Protests which might turn violent like the 60′ s in the USA and other places; the desire of the governments to not have protests and stop these

18. Regulations which restrict or try to eliminate use of cash- might be both subtle and overt

19. using the illegal spying to persecute more people and a distrust of everything among the people is now mainstream

20. advances in medicine being suppressed but whistleblowers working against big Pharma making some head way

21. increase in childhood cancers/ diseases and more parents seeking alternative meds/ideas for health

22.  so much hacking; like the year of hacking.  Use cash more if you can to get around being effected by this.

23. decline of popularity of fast food chains like McDonald’s increases and these nasty places have issues/ some might begins closing and going belly up in 2015.  For some reason I keep seeing like a day when McDonald’s is no more but I am not sure if this is my desire or an actual premonition.  I do think they will increase their so called ‘natural/healthy’ choices in an attempt to save themselves this year.

24. gas gets cheaper and cheaper as part of a plan to eventually create more monopolies and close competitors/ punish certain countries and gain control; obvious Saudi plot unveiling here.  Watch out though because it will get super cheap then boom its going to bounce to way expensive which obviously effects everything.

25. alternative currencies being undermined.  I mentioned issues with Bitcoin and other companies like that.  The push for a world wide one currency continues and I think we might be in for some strange events regarding money.  Depends on perhaps how certain power struggles go down….

I think 2015 is a year of some major events/ exposing….a shift in many regards- politically, economically, technologically.  I believe this will be a very eventful year with lots of horrors waiting for us but that depends on reactions from many people.  I think police brutality and stuff along those lines will be less tolerated and we have reached a point where people are having enough of suppression/violence and want changes.  My advice is get prepared immediately; get food and supplies for your family.  Buy guns and insist on your rights through non violent means.  Watch the news carefully because things will keep shifting and might shift a lot overnight at some point this year.

If you have any predictions you want to add please leave me a comment.  I don’t think what I have written is all that hard to predict….instead this seems very obvious to me and my chain of thinking/ view of trends.

4 thoughts on “A Few Predictions for 2015 from Fefelove

  1. #24 I believe we are helpless when it comes to gasoline prices. They made the U.S buy small cars, then the prices lowered, now the big oil companies are complaining.Because we are producing our own oil. If the prices goes up, we really don’t have much options.

  2. I have a question about todays new issue, The Measles in CA . I kinda remember one of you all saying that an old disease was going to make a comeback. But not by mistake. Whats you thoughts on this??

  3. The land grab one. I read that the Bullet Train they are trying to build in CAlifornia …the government gave them a Billion and that’s it. The track route has not been purchased…lots of the predicted roads run thru the Central part of the Growers fields in those Counties, the Land has not been purchased for the entire track. I could see the Land Grab happening there.
    p.s. Good to see you writing again, been seeing only your drawings.=)

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