A Few More 2015 Psychic Predictions

First off, I want to give a shoutout to Chuck Lafleur from Ontario, Canada’s Giant FM for featuring some of our predictions on his blog. We’re glad we could help, even if our names aren’t specifically attached. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Without further ado, here are a few more predictions for 2015. These have an entertainment orientation to them.


1) This is a particularly bad year for the entertainment industry. I see a financial meltdown hurt the industry’s profits and lead to the monopolization of major brands. Three mega titans will stand after a massive sell-off spree in August; Comcast, News Corporation and a new media organization created by George Soros and Keith Olbermann. An independent media surge will follow as new ideas and voices push out the clutter and rise to the top of the pops; particularly coming from Youtube and other online media outlets.


2) Nicki Minaj becomes a voice of reason this year as she dares to say what many others in the music industry will not. Her thoughts on Eric Garner are just the start and it will become more poignant over time. This will cost her financially, but she, along with her boss Lil Wayne, have contingency plans in mind to ride out the wave. She’ll return to the business a year or so later with Missy Elliott and such endeavors will be a massive success.


3) Taylor Swift is about to be taken off her perch. Her subtly dark ways will be exposed by a scorned ex-lover and she will suffer the consequences in the form of major entertainment industry blacklisting. This coincidentally comes as former country superstar Shania Twain returns to prominence with a big comeback album in the fall of 2015.


4) A new music act revolutionizes the music industry and goes on to sell more records than almost everyone else in history. Think big music like Michael Jackson or Elvis. Every generation has a major superstar in its midst. This one is no different.


5) We will begin to see more political advocacy from Russell Brand turn to trouble as his criminal record is expunged and he becomes a target for more brutal targeting by the UK government. An assassination attempt is foiled in 2016, but he will be in for a rough year regardless. Despite this, his major success will help turn millions away from drugs and uplift millions more from impoverishment around the world. He is a light worker in our time.


6) Adele’s troubles behind the scenes have not exactly been secret. She’s had a number of spats with her record label in the past and I fear (with an album sequence of 19, 21 and 25) that she is destined for the too early 27 club this year. A murder suicide comes to her after she refuses to put out new music this year. After her death, 21 becomes the highest selling album of all time in the UK, the second best selling in the decade and a major best seller around the world for all time. She will surely be missed.

Lauryn Hill

7) Another celebrity who will take on political advocacy this year is embattled singer/songwriter Lauryn Hill. She has been pushed out from the industry for many years, but she will make a return that will shock experts and show her relevancy is still prominent many years later. Infuriated at their failed attempts to stop her, the music industry will attempt to eliminate her, but she will survive such an attempt on her life. Her career won’t hit these heights again, but lightning will have struck twice for someone who appears to be down and out for good.


8) A major meltdown comes for Britney Spears. Her life is about to be derailed again and this will be forewarned by another quickie marriage in Vegas. Once she finishes the residency, expect a period of turmoil until she, like others in the past, dies of a murder/suicide in 2018 at the age of 36; not so coincidentally the same exactly age that Marilyn Monroe died in 1962. 1981 and 1926 not so coincidentally invert into 2018 and 1962.


9) The band One Direction will split up this year. It is Niall who leaves the group to stake a claim on his own, but will fail miserably in such a pursuit. Nothing that Simon Cowell, or anyone else for that matter, can do will change that. An offer by a rival will be too enticing and the current contract is almost up. When he goes, the band’s prospects go for good.


10) Finally, the name Kardashian will be out of the headlines this year for good. Once Kanye West divorces Kim, the family will wear out their appeal on the public and a major campaign to blacklist them from the headlines follows suit. They will suffer a number of legal troubles once this era fades off and they will rarely be heard from ever again; the way Paris Hilton is not relevant in our time anymore.

I’ll have some more predictions to share soon. Keep an eye out for them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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