Mississippi Burning – Hate – Jealousy -Deceit

Police look for clues in case of Mississippi girl burned to death

I am picking up that there was a female behind this driving the point home. Jealousy, female and she set things into motion. There is a male involved- I don’t get that she knew the guy at all… but did know of the female, things will come to light over the next 18 months… first it will be authorities think they know what’s going on and then they won’t. This very well has a marking a false flag plant, someone did this out of personal hate and jealousy, a female got the ball rolling and others will jump on it and use it to their advantage. I also a very strong sense of the 1920 duluth, mn lynchings where 4 black men were lynched and only to find out they didn’t do what they were lynched for.

I do get a sense this will rock things heavily