Missing Air Planes

I thought this one for a long time.  There will be three missing airlines and then some answers.  Not sure exactly what that means but another one will go missing.  I think this last one will be just like the first; unyielding of answers, confusion.  I dreamed of the families last time and their pain and unanswered questions.  I keep having this thought in my mind like funerals come in threes like missing air liners….makes no sense really but anyway, there will be another one before answers begin to emerge.  My sympathies for the families.

4 thoughts on “Missing Air Planes

  1. Aqualight: I was on the old blog knowthenext and I did predict planes crashing from the sky..The Airasia one is not going to be the last, it has something to do with the magnetic fields thats causing these, and these planes will be found far away from their intended location.
    Pray for all the people onboard.

  2. That’s right Jaun Fern. The governments of the world are messing with the electro magnetic fields to alter the weather, and in turn, are doing exactly what you say. I keep feeling the flight MH370 is off the shore of Japan near a Buddhist Temple. All in tact with people still strapped in their seats, except 2 stewardesses.

  3. I do see this coming to a head…. it will get to a point in about 15 to 18 months, where people will start thinking twice about flying. There will be a ton more freak accidents as well.

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