2015 Obvious Decline of Liberty; Breaking Point?

liberty bellI am having a dream which I believe signifies a pending stranglehold on American liberties reaching a breaking point.  The psychics on this site have been warning about a decline of liberties and civil war for several years and at first we were laughed at and called doomstards but now as our predictions are coming true people are no longer laughing and notice that we have been warning of these dire events in hopes of waking people up so that we can alter the outcome from something so negative as we see and dream.

My new repeating dream: I am in the mountains somewhere in America.  There is a liberty bell extended off of the mountains by a post, hanging off a cliff.  Every day monks ring the bell and it is beautiful, resounding all over the lands.  Everyone nearby enjoys the sound of freedom and it is beautiful.  It’s like the music of love and peace and success.  Then the monks slowly become alarmed and the ringing of the bell every day shifts into more of a warning call.  It stops being beautiful and is disturbing, like a creepy wake up alarm.  They stop regarding the bell as the liberty/peace/happiness bell and it’s ringing disturbs everyone daily as a reminder that something bad is coming.  The bell starts to crack and decay and then one day it cracks off and falls down the cliff and the monks announce the time has come.

I think the meaning of this dream is obvious.  Our liberties have slowly been sucked away.  People don’t complain so much when a few new regulations show up, a few executive orders, a few prohibitions, a few new taxes…..our lives don’t change that radically overnight.  Then one day, and the time is now- people realize wait WTF is going on now, what happened to America, land of the free, home of the brave?  What happened to our way of life?  Our freedoms?  Our rights?  HEY now its obvious we are under attack daily.

The eugenicists found Hitler to be an effective reducer of the population but he was too overt.  They realized they can’t successfully accomplish their evil deeds quickly and overtly but it takes time….a slow decay is more effective.  However, once the cat is out of the bag about what is going on- they speed up their agenda into a quickening of doom to accomplish their ends.  They have their eyes on ‘the moment of singularity’ and want to reduce the population ahead of the transhumanism shift. Maybe you don’t believe it but your ideas don’t matter on this because you are unwitting pawns. Better to keep the population in the dark and do evil deeds behind closed doors.  They love to package evil ideas as if they are wonderful and sell them as the opposite of what they are in a giant lawyer like manipulation mind fuck where all things tyrannical are called ‘free’ and all things hateful are called ‘loving.’  You are a ‘racist’ or ‘unenlightened’ if you don’t support whatever turd they are selling as a diamond.  Just consider the propaganda of any communist country; they sing about their amazing freedoms and cry out of love for their dear God like leader….

The liberty bell has become a warning, a reminder of what we have lost and will lose.  It’s decaying and cracking and about to crash off and fall down the cliff if we don’t wake up immediately.  2015 is a crucial point in our history and will be defined by various whistle blowers.  We will see horrors which attack our freedom.  Furguson and other things like it are like test runs.  Something could happen overnight which changes everything and causes a fast decline if they pull out the stops and do a false flag in a desperate attempt to push their agenda.  We will sound like ‘conspiracy theorists’ right up until you say to yourself DAMN they were right.  Truth is often a bitter pill.  Better to take the pill and wake up from your coma then let the liberty bell crash to the demise of freedom.

The BELL TOLLS in 2015.  Question is: just how bad will it be?  You will decide the fate of our country.  Remember, we are Americans and in our blood we know that every person matters, every voice can change reality and the actions of a few heroes can change history.  Sometimes you have to fight to win.  We don’t advocate violence of any kind on this sight and in this day and age when everyone is being black listed and peeped on by our government we have no fear because truth will set us free.

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