Forecast For: South America, Africa and The Middle East

Here are some more predictions for various parts of the world.


South America: When various middle class families face persecution in their homes, they will flee to new refugee sites in South America. Canada and the US see massive exile into Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay as they pull together resources to build new communities there. There will be some tensions with residents at first due to some dislocation attacks. However, a peaceful co-existence can work itself out in ten to twenty years time. As this is going on, further police brutality attacks sees sharp divisions in warfare for 2015. These conflicts dissipate in 2016 in time for the Rio De Janeiro Olympics. Some communist nations are overthrown while others have stronger democracies and republics in the aftermath of war. The good news overall, though, is there is no nuclear or chemical warfare in the current trajectory of time. That means the infrastructure will largely sustain itself and makes it a safe plan to invest, build and grow in the near and far off distant future.


Africa: The continent as a whole suffers the most violence it will ever receive. A black death plagues various nations as millions die from thirst, hunger, disease, starvation and murder. Women and children will be torn apart by rape, disaster and forced labor. However, the 2020’s begins a two decade recovery process in which the nation of Swaziland serves a new mecca for international trade by the time the 2040’s comes around. On Earth, Africa is the new and final frontier before space excavation begins in the late 2050’s or early 2060’s. The transition will sting at first, but things will be better in the end.


The Middle East: I already wrote about the social renaissance that millions of muslims will undergo in the 2020’s, but before that time arises, the war from Al-Badghadi will wreck havoc in the region and cause the death of millions in its blast. Disease and violence pail in comparison to armed and nuclear attacks on Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. The devastation spills over every part of the continent, including Israel, and even extends into parts of India and China as well. The suffering continues until the late 2010’s for recovery as early as 2021. There will be better times ahead, but first things will burn to get to that point.