FEMA Camps


This is going to be a brief post, but important to share nonetheless. The work of great activists has seen the recent revelations of the police state, the surveillance state, the false flag attack, the Bilderberg meetings and the New World Order proven beyond a reasonable doubt. There is only one more revelation that will be revealed before January sees the beginning of armed conflict against the United States government; the FEMA camp. Concentration camps were built in Denver, Colorado, among other midwestern and southern cities, for the purposes of exterminating racial minorities, political dissidents and those deemed “unworthy” of sustaining life on this Earth (ala the Bill Gates depopulation seminar). They plan to begin deportations to these camps after a false flag attack in Washington (or another major city) under the guise of martial law and will get their intended targets via warrantless and unconstitutional house arrests. Before they are allowed to go through with it, however, Anonymous will post images and video which will redirect the protestors in the streets to their alleged locations; all the while dragging major media outlets into these sites. This will prove their existence beyond a reasonable doubt and the public will erupt into mass chaos and armed violence. Once that occurs, you can expect the first of several political assassinations to turn into armed revolt by the masses in the January/February period of 2015. Keep an eye out for it; for the world is soon going to take a dramatic turn for the worst.


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    1. I’m not a believer in the Reptilian conspiracy theory. That one seems a little farfetched, even for me.

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