The Point of No Return


Last night’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson (if he was even the man solely responsible for murdering Michael Brown….I still suspect there was another accomplice….Bryan Willman) has brought the United States of America to a point of no return. For a while, I had genuinely hoped that my psychic hunch of a civil war could be prevented. I in no way wanted to see our country spiral out of control the way that it has, but prevailing circumstances beyond my control are in the drivers seat of an upcoming revolt. The reason that this case may be the one to spark the match of full on war is the message that this verdict communicates to African American youth in a police state. When the state is allowed to get away with murder of unarmed citizens, it means that we are officially in fear of our elected officials and the power they wield in a tyrannical society. That kind of dynamic cannot sustain itself and is doomed for implosion. The buildings and streets of Ferguson lighting up are just the start. As protests continue to spread to New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Seattle, Boston, Austin, Oakland and many other cities and towns nationwide, the attempts at a put down by the American government will only inspire more assault from protestors which will then turn into armed conflict in a few months time. It’s too late to turn back the clock and so this fate is our fate for the inevitable future. 2015 is officially the year of revolution. By January, the world that we once knew will never be the same again.

14 thoughts on “The Point of No Return

  1. Is this a genuine revolution that ousted the elite and turned Russian Empire to USSR or a quasi “attack any person that doesn’t look the same as you” ethnic clensing?

    1. This is a citizen led militia that will overthrow our government. What I suspect happens next is the decentralization of government and the splitting into various city-states that run their own agendas. Two regions will have oversight from a larger organization, but the nations themselves remain independent of each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an element of USSR uprisings or an ethnic cleanse from the government in retaliation to the uprising. However, the militias themselves are a group of independent citizens looking for justice, truth and peace and are not affiliated with such unsavory causes. Hope this information helps

  2. ‘unarmed’ and ‘harmless’ are two different things. If 6’4″ and 290 lbs was charging me, especially after assaulting me in a car trying to get my gun, I would consider them a danger even if he/she is unarmed. And if I had a weapon in my hand, I’d pull the trigger.

    What I see happening is, unless something intervenes, this being fanned by ‘organizers’ and exploited, resulting in an excuse to declare a national State of Emergency.

    1. Force and lethal force are two different subject matters. I don’t want to get into an argument with you about this (because you are wrong), but if the national state of emergency was going to be declared because people spoke out against injustice, then it proves we live in a police state and it must be overthrown. That is the moral and just thing to do when a corrupt government refuses to do it itself.

    2. Thank you for saying it. As a Black person I have not been able to voice my opinion in support of Officer Wilson. I get accused of being against my own race or “thinking I’m White.” Right is right. Wrong is wrong. Arguing with a gun is an incredibly ignorant thing whether the person wielding it is civilian or an authority figure. Brown didn’t exercise good judgement that day and paid the ultimate price. Now 2 of the most notorious con artists to ever live,Sharpton and Jackson, are parading the deceased’s name and image around to further their own radical agendas. They will not be happy until much blood is spilled,infrastructure thoroughly gutted,and the remains of the nation crumble into 3rd world mob rule.

      1. Ignorance shouldn’t be a death sentence. The police do not have a right to be the judge, jury and executioner. You are wrong on this particular case, but I’m not willing to go into a long argument about it. Just keep an eye out for the news. It will validate me more than any discussion ever will.

  3. I agree…the world is going to.change.there is a.war going on.and it’s ment. to be’s not about race or’s the battle between good and evil.Satan’s clock is running out of now you get to ser pure evil in its wickets forms.

  4. I get a sense that, Wilson over reacted and has a history of it. I also get a sense that Brown was trying to get away, maybe he shoved him away but he wanted away. I get a sense that Wilson is unbalanced and has issues with his impulse control, a hair trigger temper. I also see that there was no need to “finish” him off.

    1. I think the grand jury testimony and forensics prove that wrong. My sense was never that Brown was a victim in this specific situation. Whatever abuses there are, had he simply moved off the street and moved on, he could very well be alive today.

      1. So few people recall their inalienable 5th Amendment Rights to just shut the everloving Hell UP when dealing with police. They become confrontational and try to get all heroic instead leading to unnecessary hassle or more commonly as in Brown’s case death.

    1. Not this one, or the one we originated our site from, but I’m sure other psychics have been predicting this for a while. It’s a feeling in the air and it seems to be culminating into armed conflict in January of the new year. The police officer murders in New York and Florida, along with the attacks on police by the protestors in Berkeley, Missouri is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s going to get a lot worse before things can even begin to get better once more. Hope this helps.

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