Ebola virus…Angel of Death



I don’t.see.the.Ebola.virus.being controlled or contained.it’s impossible.I saw one.the.news today that blood samples of the virus were stolen from a Clinic in Africa. now it’s just a matter of  time that the.virus will show. Up everywhere.just in time for flu season.it will be impossible to detect along side.the flu cases.get ready to see  quarantines and martial law in a city near you..

10 thoughts on “Ebola virus…Angel of Death

  1. I disagree. And to be honest, there’s no such thing as impossible. It’s never because you can’t, it’s always because “you don’t know how”.

    I do feel that it may wipe out thousands of people who aren’t careful enough, but in the long run, it’ll be contained.

    If it doesn’t get contained, it’s clear that it’s purposely being allowed to spread.

    Now enough of promoting fear propaganda.

    1. i agree iiiiiooo, i said basically the same thing not that long ago. I also think it will be contained eventually. Yes it’s a deadly virus and yes it will kill thousands of ppl but is it going to wipe out the world ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!!!! the PTB have bigger fish to fry as far as world depopulation , like WW3 which is scheduled to begin next year, if the resistance movement doesn’t stop them which i think we are all hoping happens..

      Oh and the vaccine is being released by may/June next year. They already have 10,000, viles ready to go, but they need millions more, and before you say anything johnny, or anyone else, the vaccines are NOT A BIO- WEAPON! I have inside info as well.. Do i think the PTB released the virus to depopulate absolutely! do i think their going to succeed absolutely not!. You know where there is a negative force there is always a positive force, and even tho they think their going to win this battle their not, you know why, coz their are other forces at work who are looking out for us from behind curtain no 3.. who have the ability to stop them in their tracks, of which they have done on thousands of occasions. This time isn’t any different. Have a bit of faith johnny, and think positive.

      I think it was a bit rough of you to attack iiiooo like you did just because he has a different point of view to you. I thought that was really uncalled for. Not everyone has the same idea’s as you and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m really surprised at you for carrying on like that really surprised, and by the way i agree nothing is impossible..

  2. Well if nothing is impossible.resurrect President Ronald Reagan, or disconnect the negative side of your battery terminal, and start your car with just a positive one attached.

  3. Oh…and what do you think the people.yt? That stole the blood samples with the virus plan to do with them Mr nothing’s impossible ? Use them.as Christmas ornaments.!!!

    1. That depends on your perception of death. I view what people call “death” as a transition…your true self never dies. Calling something impossible, to me, seems like talking about something I wouldn’t know anything about. Your perception of things are what limits you.

      But anyways, that was pretty weak of you…the way you responded. I disagreed with you, and you were unable to respond with tact. Very unevolved and narrow minded.

      Look at you, spreading negativity all for the sake of trying to please someone who has little to no interest in you. Have a little more self-worth, it won’t hurt you…in fact, it’ll better you.You need it.

      1. Have you ever been with a person making the “transition”? Nice platitudes but the experience is much different. Life is precious, anyone or anything who threatens it is evil in my opinion.

  4. I’m a realist..I have to deal with both.powers.I don’t have the luxury of pretending only one exists and can close my mind to the other. I see what I see and don’t candy coated.to a please the narrow minded.

  5. You know what Luna Tic,you’re right, the experience is totally different. even if the soul never dies…i guess perception doesn’t save you from the mourning part.

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