Race Riots, Terrorism,Diversions

Satan is working overtime these days.plus,we are in the Holiday season were a series of horrible things always seem to happen.I see tempers are flared up..and with the help of Rev, Al Sharpton whom never seems to help no one but himself.Will be part of a historical race riots that will spread rapidly…but I also see a  Obama diversion tactics in the form of a false flag terrorist attack in the U.S.that will defuse the.riots,and possibly impose martial law.


13 thoughts on “Race Riots, Terrorism,Diversions

  1. I see some peeps trying to stir the pot… but I also see a complete reversal of what happened in Ferguson, people peacefully linking arms walking side by side and sales of protest tops. Doesn’t mean that there won’t be a few skirmishes but for the most part it should remain peaceful. I do see law enforcement and other pot stirrers trying to turn the tide in their favor.

  2. I think this might be the start of the civil war and, contrary to your conservative viewpoint, the protestors will conquer the leadership in Missouri in the form of an insurgent overthrow. The elite has brought this upon themselves and must now suffer the consequences.

  3. So be it. I see no other way to stop racebaiters such Sharpton and Jackson. Even if most of the Black Community sees them for what they are,2 of the most notorious conmen who ever lived,they still manage to manipulate ajd sway a small faction. They are working against the fullscale integration vision of peaceful activists such as Rev.King in favor of a violent bloody quasi civil war.

  4. I just feel like there is a false flag *I hate that expression btw* that this Bill Cosby business is at the exact same time as Ferguson. My instinct or gut intuition tells me he is a casting couch, womanizer, if you know what a casting couch is, it is like sexual favors are used for career advancement. I get a sense that some of these women are being paid by “higher ups” or “elite” and it is politically motivated (elite in the meaning that these are people that want the old ways of slavery and “women in their places” type of thing and opportunity as knocked. Bill Cosby, has long been considered a white black man and if they can topple him then they basically take away a “clean cut” icon. There is a sect of people that do want a race war and for the parts of the US to succeed from the Union so slavery could be a “way of life again”, women’s rights are taken away and it would be legal to rule under “Christian Rites Group” something along those lines to openly murder those that do not conform to the succession of their or the laws thereof it has it is like a cancer with tentacles like an octopus and leaching into various parts spreading its toxins. There will be a push to set things into motion over the next decade but it will fail and no real physical civil war. Lots of verbal acid attacks, some minor skirmishes – but that plan will fail and fail miserably, I do see a sect like Isis that will try to take advantage of this time frame. It will not succeed. The US will see division and come back together just in time. This will be averted. After Bill Cosby has passed away; new things will come to light that things were not like they are being portrayed now. The people that worked around him will not be able to distance themselves because they are guilty as well. I do see Cosby passing in this turbulent time frame. I just sense that a lot of this was business contracts – “I’ll put you through school and you do your thing for me” You see, no amount of money would have protected him back in the 60’s and 70’s if a white woman claimed he raped her. It was just a few short years before that when a black man was lynched for just looking at a white woman. All of these women were white. For the record, I don’t condone what Cosby did and he is going to pay the price and a heavy price for all the womanizing, casting couch things he has done. Karma. I never got into Bill Cosby shows. I am not a fan.

    1. That’s what I wondered about also. Cosby could’ve been a Trillionaire and if a White woman even suggested he had looked at her wrong he would be up under the jail or worse. We all remember poor Emmit Till right?

  5. “Now Is The Time For Helter Skelter.”~Charles Manson

    He predicted this almost 50 years ago. Helter Skelter is an apocalyptic race war between Blacks and Whites.

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