Warning to the Elite: Do Not Assassinate Prince Harry


I’m not sure if I’ve written this on Know the Next or not, but I must send a warning for the elite not to assassinate Prince Harry when he arrives in Afghanistan shortly. For a number of years, the elite have been planning to dispose of the wild, party obsessed bachelor after Prince William was groomed to become the third in the line member to the throne. Once he and Kate Middleton gave birth to their son, Prince George, this left Prince Harry as the fifth in line and no longer necessary as the “spare” for the “heir” to the throne to follow in the event of an untimely assassination or death. As such, the elite have been preparing ways to create an “accident” that will eliminate his troublesome brother from the royal family once and for all. As much as Prince William hopes to save his brother, and is aware of the threats on his life, the elite are in preparations to stage a “false flag” helicopter attack anyway as Harry travels back to or from Afghanistan in the next few days. He has already been targeted by MK ULTRA patsies on a number of occasions, including being in the audience of the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony (when I had mentioned that a bomb was expected to go off….but didn’t because it was exposed and put on hold as a result). As of this very moment, Prince Harry is in a position to follow this forewarned dream of death very shortly. Like with Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy before him, this will be an assassination that cannot be avenged once it has already occurred. It can, however, be thwarted beforehand; which is why I am urgently writing this piece. If it occurs as planned, then all hell is going break loose; leading to a situation that creates the flare up for World War 3 in January of 2015 the way that Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination did leading up to World War 1. I hope the elite are wiser than this, but with recent events in terms of police brutality and escalation of war showcasing an appalling lack of judgement on their end, I highly doubt that their common sense will kick in in time to save them from their own self inflicted demise. 😉

13 thoughts on “Warning to the Elite: Do Not Assassinate Prince Harry

  1. Lucky he has help.from his mom from.the other side.I believe the reason she.chose to let go was, because she knew she could do more for her son’s in the afterlife.

  2. Liam. It sounds like you are aware that Abraham Lincoln had a Dream foreshadowing his Assassination. In the Dream, Lincoln saw a Coffin with a Body inside it. This Dream really shook him up.

  3. I don’t sense an assassination, but do feel like he is in a bit of a dodgy time in his life and don’t feel his death. Yes…. saw a helicopter mishap but not during war and do feel or sense and can’t quite put a time line on it that Prince Charles and his “wife” will be in a horrific, almost “burning” or “charring” again air mishap or helicopter mishap… Prince Harry will come through it; a bit shaken but do see him settling down and do see the Throne going from Elizabeth to William. I do not see Prince Charles on the throne – just some minor things but do see it jumping from Elizabeth to
    William and do see him ruling with Kate by his side for decades to come.

    1. Click the first link on this blog post and read the link and then find the 2016 page on the same website. Nostradamus predicted that Charles would reign over Europe with his siblings for an extended period of time; perhaps twenty to twenty five years. From there, William will reclaim the throne after being in exile for that period of time. Just thought I’d clarify, but it remains to be seen.

      1. True, but the crux of this prediction doesn’t kick in until 2016. Just keep an eye out for it. 😉

  4. Will wait and see. In my own sense.. .I see it just kind of going from Queen to William with a minor thing with Charles in between but do feel like there could very well be a stroke accident and yes I do see helicopter or air incident… but I do see Prince Harry surviving and it will be a turning point for him.

    1. Ok… my last comment is a lot of things thrown together… rather muddled… I still see my first sense prediction on the thread. Obviously… I do my best proofreading after I hit the submit button and could use a coffee yet 🙂

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