Will There be An Election 2016?

I can’t be certain as the future isn’t set in stone but I have been seeing things that suggest there just isn’t an election in 2016.  I suppose it depends upon how fast events accelerate.  I believe there is a high chance that things hit the fan and the elections are postponed.

13 thoughts on “Will There be An Election 2016?

  1. There will be an election because both parties are owned by the same interests. It’s the puppet master who controls things not the puppets.

  2. I think it depends on how devastating revolution/civil war will be. If it becomes so destabilizing that it requires an extensive recovery, then I doubt an election will take place right away. If you mean that it won’t happen because the elite will not allow it to occur, then no, I do not believe that will end up happening.

    1. Fefelove. There is a great tragedy coming and it could certainly delay the 2016 Election.

  3. I’ve been feeling the same. Something’s in the wind & is going to happen, I think. This is something I’ve felt since elections in 2012.
    Is that a positive or negative at that point of time, though? We tend to think ‘negative’, and perhaps it will be; but maybe on the whole it isn’t (that’s me thinking).

  4. This is actually something I have been sensing for over a year. Either Prez.Obama isn’t leaving or some group is staging a coup d’etat to throw him out and install a dictator. Either way soon we US CItizens won’t even be able to enjoy a symbolic democracy of voting for 2 halves of a single party state. There could be WW3 or a new civil war in the United States. In another forum a commenter said he had a vision of Karmic justice coming to the United States. We financed and helped start off every destabilizing civil war/revolution of the past century now it is our turn. It doesn’t escape my notice that we are supposed to swear in our next president in January 2017,one century after the Russian Empire was transformed into USSR. When I think about that I get cold chills.

  5. The modern day Kristallnacht that occured in Ferguson Monday Night has me wondering if there will even be a United States to have an election in by 2016. Everyone remembers how suddenly and violently the Arab Spring and Ukrainian Revolutions were sparked,right? At the moment America is spiraling into destabilization unlike any other period in our history. If we make it through the rest of 2014 and 2015 then we can start worrying about elections!

  6. I feel as I read all these comments. That the only way an Election will be postponed is if the ELECTRICITY across the U.S is out. Major Blackouts esp in the area of Washington DC. All our voting info is put into computers, that are run by Electricity.

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