Attack on Texas

The NWO hates Texas and knows our roll in the pending civil war.  They are attacking us in so many ways already.  It is subtle but obvious if you live here.  They recently ordered 30,000 hazmat uniforms to be delivered to Dallas.  I think this ebola obola bioweapon farce agenda 21 depopulation nightmare is already starting, in Texas.  I know Texans will rise up against them, we will not tolerate their attacks.  However, they already started a dirty warfare ahead of the war.

2 thoughts on “Attack on Texas

  1. Forgive me,but what does Texas care about a US Civil War? It won it’s independence from Mexico in the 1800s and was totally its own nation for several years before being dragged into the current USA. Couldn’t it just secede and become its own nation again?

  2. Texas has the majority of our Oil. And the California coast is drying out, so livestock will move to other states like Texas. Cows are used in many many ways, not just for us humans. Dog food is also made of beef. Cowhides used for many items worldwide. We must not just think of reprocussions affecting the U.S. only.

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