Fefelove’s Update

10271635_797994096911728_4670187068413161806_nHello all.  Sorry I didn’t post in awhile.  I have been very preoccupied with personal stuff and the chaotic states of the world.

I see my ebola predictions coming true.  I see my hospital as a place to die prediction coming true.  I spoke with several friends about the possibility of subway bombs in NYC.

Among my friends, the psychics, we seem to have a feeling that the ebola problem isn’t the real issue and there is a shoe waiting to drop.  We all feel something ready to come.

Some of us feel the ebola is a distraction from a war ready to explode.  Or there will be a medical tyranny.

I think if they want to bioweapon they’s first promote a freaky illness then instigate a ‘cure vaccine’ that would actually be the true bioweapon they hope to unleash on us.  I recommend don’t take any freaky vaccines and if they get really disturbing about taking some vaccine that is the one you DON’T TAKE.  I have felt for some time there will be an outbreak then a ‘cure’ and that cure is actually the thing infecting everyone.

Obama’s executive order to retain people who have signs of respiratory infection: this is the sign of the medical tyranny.  There is a pending agenda concerning ebola and camps/coffins/death- this won’t end well.

They let ebola into the states and fostered it.  I’d not be amazed if they said it is racist to not let every one in with ebola.  I think this is a government agenda, a hope to exterminate people, They didn’t mind their laws on how to contain diseases and they are responsible in a lethal way- they should be rounded up and killed for their failure to contain ebola and desire to spread it.  Lets round them up?  EHHHH?

At some point we have to hold these people responsible for their failures which are intentional not due to stupidity.

Barak Ebola needs to be the first to come to justice.

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The Implosion of Hollywood, Mariah Carey as a Satanic Offering and the Truth Behind the Gates of the Studio Lot

Note: I’m not sure that this post will sufficiently cover everything I’ve been meaning to write over the last week or so. If it isn’t, I’ll update it with more information at a later time. I hope this will suffice until then.

A little more than a week ago, I mentioned that the elite were preparing to offer Mariah Carey up as their next Satanic sacrifice. I get this hunch because of a large amount of negative stories swarming about her in the press at this moment along with a history of repeated collapse that could have been fatal. Even though Hollywood has seen backlash to their wicked practices come in terms of the sustained decline of the industry, they refuse to accept the karma and are insistence on preserving their traditions that have been hidden from the public for far too long. Their practices are not new. In fact, they are centuries, even millenniums, old and it’s about time that someone reveal their practices once and for all.

As far back as ancient Babylonian times, famous and powerful families have worshiped an evil entity known as Baphomet. This is the half goat, half human hybrid you see when you google this creature online. Satanism, like Christianity and Judaism, is a religion. However, it is a secret and exclusive one where only the most pure of traditional blood is allowed to flourish in their midst. It carries various rituals that many of you have probably seen at one point or another. Pretty much every MTV Video Music Award ceremony is a sanitized example of what powerful people actually do behind closed doors. From group orgies to blood sharing, many disturbing things occur that are done as a means of ensuring brotherhood among its participants and further solidifying their power as a cohesive unit. The reason that these ceremonies go on (to a lesser degree) in public is because you, the collective, are part of how they are able to sustain their power. This is why, on Know the Next, I pointed out media that hinted at staged “false flag” attacks and why I know about certain planned attacks before they are allowed to take place.

Satanic religion bases the idea on using collective energy in order to “power” any sinister plans that they are concocting behind the scenes. The theory is that, the more power that an idea or plot has from human energy, the more likely it is to go off without a hitch. When one group of people (the Skull + Bones among others) have major control over institutions of power, they can coordinate together in order to get away with their sinister actions such as 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombing. We cannot change the past, which is why I try not to obsess over the deeds that the elite have already committed. Instead, I try to focus on what they are planning next and use the knowledge of the ancients as a means of stopping great evil before it is allowed to take place.

One of the great things about technology and one of the biggest differences between as relatively recently as a decade ago to now is the ability to lay out the elite’s plans for a New World Order before they have time to execute it successfully. As I mentioned on Know the Next, my knowledge and forewarning stopped a major terrorist attack from occurring during the 2012 London Olympics. My postings both here and on the main site also helped to stop such atrocities as the ritual sacrifice of Kim Wilde and the Rockefeller Center bombing that I initially predicted for July. When the elite are forced to abandon their initial plans, it actually weakens them. It means that they are forced to retreat and are put in a offensive/defensive position against an awakened masses who know what they are up to and are working to stop it before it it too late to do so. This is why I have an obligation, for as long as I can, to continue speaking out and revealing what the elite are planning next before they actually do it. Hence, the reasoning for posting my warning to aging songstress Mariah Carey.

It is too late to redeem the murders of Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy. However, it is certainly not too late to remember their “suicide” murders and make sure that such deaths are prevented in the future. Learning from what we missed from the past is crucial to making sure it does not happen again. This is why understanding the elite’s shattering of Mariah Carey should raise alarms for what they are planning to do to her as early as next year. Relatively young, the 45 year old singer/songwriter has an immense fortune and catalog that Sony Music wants in its direct control. In order to take it from her by force, they need to eliminate her to claim their prize. They plan to do so by continuing to build a “downfall” narrative which will be used to justify their fake “suicide” story that they are planning to concoct in the press. The thought has already begun to be planted into a few and it will spread before it becomes a sad reality. Spreading the word against them about this and the planned murders of Russell Brand, Lily Allen, Madonna, Lauryn Hill and Kanye West is critical in insuring that Kennedy and Monroe did not die in vain.

What gives me confidence that we can finally eliminate this corrupt system once and for all is the downfall of the entertainment industry coinciding with the revelations of evil occurring behind the scenes of this wicked institution. From the revelation of Stephen Collins’ pedophilia to the lawsuit by singer Kesha against record producer Dr Luke for rape and sexual/physical assault, the time has come to reveal the long hidden secrets that have plagued this industry for many decades. This will become a more prevalent discussion as previous stories of abuse against those such as closet rejector William Haines and the unfair mistreatment of minors such as Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson make themselves known to the world in 2015. As this is happening, the industry will implode until just three major media groups are left standing and a vibrant indie scene rises to take its place. It is a fitting end for an institution that has long outlived its relevancy to society.

I’d like to end this by making one final point. The Civil War in the United States is not just a political battle between the people and its oppressive government. It is also a war between those who have taken advantage, rejected, neglected, abused and denied life to any individual in all of world history. It is not just an American phenomenon, but also a global event as well. Evil institutions all over will experience what the United States and its companions will face in 2015. Though this blog post is exclusively American based, it is a story we will begin to hear all over the world. In a global community, what happens one place is sometimes similar to or the same as a completely different part of the world. For all of our differences, we are very much alike in many ways. We experience the same world and we are all human beings. If we can look past cultural traditions and religions and borders and institutions and focus on the human aspect of life, we’d be able to improve much of what is wrong with the world today. If 2015 becomes the global year of awakening that I have long foreseen, then I am happy to say that this hope of mine will finally come true; even though I’m saddened by the fact that it has taken this long to get there. I guess it’s better late than never. 🙂

Instincts on Ebola

From the beginning I have felt Ebola would turn into a big ordeal. And these past weeks our leaders making statements like “guns are to blame” and ” banning flights from countries riddled with disease would put us in more danger”
Down to hospitals not properly isolating. Now this alone makes me believe it’s being spread on purpose. Because a hospital and staff we all know are trained in isolating patients.
I believe government is to blame. I believe they want nothing more than for citizens to be in fear, and they believe fear will force citizens to give up free will and do whatever they demand.
So between One world order and Muslim extremists and now deadly disease. Ultimate out come they want is reason to enact marshal law. Ways to control citizens. And ultimate out come will be one world order with citizens following their every word.
I know how crazy it sounds. Trust me. But it all falls into place perfectly.

A dream

It was the wedding after party and I saw some extended family members.A cousin and her daughters.They were all dressed as bridesmaids. Not sure who was getting married, but this took place in New York, in either Bronx or Brooklyn. They were dancing, where everyone lined up on opposite sides of the room, and one person would go in the center and start dancing, like in the soul train. Another cousin came up to me and said “How come you don’t talk to us anymore”, I don’t remember responding. A guy I know who use to work at a previous job I had said something to me, but I don’t remember what.

I saw myself going downstairs, and there was this gas leak, or something…it was going to cause an explosion. Next thing, I start evacuating family members and everyone else out of the building. Everyone leaves, a new set of people, black Americans, are in the building…someone was getting married. Idk who the family was, perhaps it was telling me that it wasn’t anyone I knew personally.The two last family members finally leave, and my cousin(the one with kids) trips and falls on some upper steps leading to a basement.I grab her arm, and assist her. I leave with my brother and some other kid and grab the rest of my family and i walk them to their cars, i guess. Next thing I know, I’m in a parking lot…everyone disappears, I’m all alone with this little girl I do not know. So I go and try to search where everyone went. I go back to the same building, and this dog runs from me, and starts barking viciously to scare me off…a dog that snuck passed me earlier in the dream. I hear an old man say “Good job, boy”. He comes out of nowhere with a bloody knife in his hand, and says something like “Get out of here”. I start apologizing and saying I was leaving. I ran with the little girl, who I still cannot identify…maybe she belonged to one of my cousin. That’s all I remember.

Baphomet’s Next Offering: Mariah Carey


I will update this posting with more specifics at a later date, but I thought I’d spoil the plans of the elite before they have a chance to successfully implement them. Many have speculated about the mysterious and suspicious deaths of Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Whitney Houston and others as being “bumped off” by the powers that be. This is truthful and the elite are planning to do it again in the near future. Their next target: aging songstress Mariah Carey. Keep an eye on this page and keep an eye out for Mariah’s downfall leading to a murder looking like a “suicide” scenario in the next few months. More updates will be forthcoming.

Lunar Pressure


I have been feeling an almost overwhelming physical pressure and it is increased considerably with the approach of the “blood moon”.  The tides are messed up and many people I know are experiencing deaths and very close calls in there own worlds .  Lots and lots of pressure.  I wonder what we are about to see?  I have been burning candles and incense  and have lit a fire in the fire pit the last two nights.  It seems to lighten the air around me and keep whatever bad spirits that are around at bay.  People are becoming desperate.

The Halloween Massacre of the “Headless Horseman” and Other October Predictions

In anticipation of the upcoming holiday, I thought I’d share some insights from the spiritual world in regards events that will dawn close to this Pagan/Satanic holiday.


1) The town of Salem or Sleepy Hollow should be on the lookout for a mass murderer who will kill twenty to thirty women in a night of vengeance on the town. The man will be captured in a “Headless Horseman” ensemble and it will result in one of the most scandalous stories that the criminal justice system has deliberated on in years.


2) The rich and powerful better watch out. A graveyard robber makes headlines worldwide as he steals from the graves of rich donors and socialites while selling their possessions for a profit. Expect this man to be caught after a business transaction is caught by the owners of that person’s estate and leads to heavy criminal charges protested by the even more emboldened Occupy Wall Street/Anonymous movement.


3) A sale at a Target or Walmart for candy will turn violent after a shooter blows up the building and kills five hundred people inside. I think this will occur in Beavercreek as revenge for the murder of John Crawford III, but it could happen in another part of the midwest as well.


4) A Christmas embarrassment for Prime Minister Tony Abbott as he forgets the name of a high holy holiday and confuses it with a Satanic practice of little known origin. Some would not expect this to cause much outrage, but it will and could become a big issue in 2015 if he does not make an immediate apology for the remark. I even see a scenario where he is voted out of office in 2015 or 2016 as a result of this crude mixup.


5) Finally, you should be on the lookout for this candy tidbit. Mike and Ike candies (or a similar sugary treat) are found to have a pollutant which is known to cause cancer. Expect this to result in a major reevaluation of the formula and procedure for mass producing them.

Hope this information was helpful. I’ll be sure to share more with you all soon enough. 🙂

Mississippi (Not Iowa or Kansas) Will Decide The Midterm Elections


I know everyone in the mainstream media is focusing on the hotly contested races in Iowa and Kansas, but I have to share a quick little psychic hunch that neither of those two states will decide this years midterm election. The state that will ultimately make or break a senate decision for the Democrats or the Republicans is Mississippi. Keep an eye out for Chris McDaniel and the court’s decision on whether his challenge of election rigging by Thad Cochran is legitimate or not. If McDaniel does not get an outcome he desires in the court of law, he will be the spoiler in that out of the blue election of critical importance. On the other hand, a last minute decision in his favor can also spell trouble for the Democrats since it will hold off this election for another eight months; leaving the state without a representative from January to late August or early September. In any scenario, this is the ultimate dark horse that will make or break the ever bizarre year of unusual midterm election outcomes. Not that much of this matters due to what will happen in January of 2015. I just thought I’d get this out there as another tip of my hat and check in my accuracy score card for my prescience as a psychic. 😉

The Rise of India (and the Threats to its Future)


The recent election of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India has seen massive jubilation in the community and from around the world. Such outpourings of support have seen his popularity soar at home and abroad. I foresaw this coming and wrote about it in a prediction that was previously posted on the Know the Next website:

“As China’s currency collapses, India’s will see a massive spike in October leading it to become the world’s financial superpower for ten years straight.”

The prospects for such a delivery are still good, but there are three main issues that I need to address that threaten to derail an otherwise smooth rise to becoming the next world economic superpower; women’s rights, gay rights and the rise of inequality amongst India’s most vulnerable populations. All three issues, if not properly assessed and addressed by Modi and the BJP party, could spell disaster for a leader who otherwise has strong ideas for bringing India into a state of prominence around the world in the twenty first century. If India can push aside the hostile, socially conservative sect of their country and lead early efforts to repeal the sodomy law, reduce the incidents of rape and abuse for women and properly give children and unemployed adults a proper chance of continual success, then this prediction will be fulfilled as originally written.

Prime Minister Modi has to contend with a lot of challenges and threats for his position, so eliminating the issues that could plague him is crucial in order for him to succeed in his agenda. I hope that the Indian government has heeded these words. Their success is made or broken by the decisions made on these issues that will come about, against their will, in the next year.

The End of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Career (Plus Other Israel News)


Israel, currently led under the far right Likud government, will face the most challenging year of its existence in 2015 after ISIS or another extremist group detonates bombs in their oil refineries and security compounds at the end of this year. Such military breaches will result in anger amongst the citizenry and calls for a newly elected government will be shouted by all ends of the political spectrum. After several dozen marches for resignation met with police brutality for Israeli Jews and Palestinians alike, Benjamin Netanyahu will resign from his post, along with the rest of members of his cabinet and party, in shame by the end of the following year. A new election, in collaboration with all religious groups in the region, sees a more Hamas friendly tone turn to disgust by 2017. It will not be the end of Israel as a political state, but their days as a Jewish majority territory may, in fact, be numbered.


Seeing the writing on the wall, a new movement of Jewish settlers migrates into the African colony of Swaziland. This sees the territory become known as the “Second Israel” and the economy there will prosper as a result. This will come as their leader, King Mswati III, is shot down and pushed out of his throne by the people of his nation. Such a move, while further destabilizing the whole of Africa, will ease political tensions in the Middle East and help to assure survival of the Jewish people for generations to come. This will also help to ease to burden of a political shift from theocracy to secularism in all parts of the Middle East by 2019 or 2020 at the latest.