Warning about Amusement Parks

340x176_TexasSizeI have been having nightmares this week about amusement parks.  My dear friend Liam has posted about this topic several times but this is the first time it has showed up in my dreams.  I don’t go to amusement parts and don’t like them.  In my dreams I am at several of the different big amusement parks around Texas.  I am looking from a distance and see rides malfunctioning, pieces flying off, people flying off, etc.  I start to run toward the parks and hear screams as I get closer.  Then I see pools of blood and there is always a pregnant lady in a pool of blood and her husband bent over her.  I don’t know if what I am seeing in my dreams is some kind of accident or malfunction or maybe even a terror event at a big amusement park.  It might not really be Texas either, because I have never been to any of the parks around Texas.  I advise staying away from these parks if you are thinking of a vacation.  Also, if you are pregnant don’t go.  One last detail in the dream: the people at the park don’t respond correctly for some reason like there is some sort of cover up.  I don’t know who is doing the cover up either. or why.  In the dreams I am the only one trying to help anyone.  I find these dreams really odd because I really have no interest at all in amusement parks and I am creeped out by the pregnant lady in the pool of blood.

3 thoughts on “Warning about Amusement Parks

  1. I’ve been meaning to write an update for this prediction as there have been several theme park accidents in recent months. Thanks for the credit and I hope that this much needed reform comes about soon enough.

  2. Fefelove, the pregnant woman in a pool of blood could be a metaphor representing the impending birth of some great evil. I would not get on a Roller Coaster even if you offered me lots of money!

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