Dream Visions: Zephyr Teachout Dancing and an Ice Bomb

I had two different visions in a meditative state last night that I felt the need to share with you all.


1) I have previously mentioned Democratic primary challenger Zephyr Teachout and her exposure of the corrupt Andrew Cuomo in New York state politics. Well, in my vision last night, I saw her as a ballerina dancing and then as a Flashdance dancer moving around a stage limber and flexible. What I think this means is that she will end up surprising a lot of people by what her next career move will be. She will become a more prominent figure in American and, soon, International politics in 2015 or 2016 at the latest for her flexibility and her willingness to break away from conventional wisdom.


2) In an unidentifiable city, I saw a bomb set off in the distance from an apartment window and initially thought it was a nuclear bomb. However, a white dust began to spread and soon encompassed myself and the entirety of the area I lived in. My body turned into ice and then dust as a bacteria agent ate away at my corpse until I died. Before I went to heaven, I saw the city consumed by this ice based viral agent and it destroyed nearly everyone in its sight. Some monuments and buildings were still in tact and others in a more damaged state, but nearly everything else was completely destroyed. In a vision seen soon after this, I was sitting by the bay near this city, closer to where the bomb was detonated, and felt the immediate impact as it shook my body to the core and then killed me in the exact same way it did before (I was presumably looking through the eyes of two distinctly different people). What this means is that weapons of mass destruction that our governments have developed are more deadly than the ones unleashed during world war 2. This is what will come about, among other horrors, if our leaders do not pull out of ongoing armed combat immediately. Everyone suffers the consequences in such a scenario.

I hope this information was helpful to know. Best wishes to you all. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dream Visions: Zephyr Teachout Dancing and an Ice Bomb

    1. It was hard to tell to be perfectly honest. It seemed like a bay or ocean side city, like the one in the photograph. It could be in Germany or Sweden, but I also think San Francisco is a possibility as well. The UK is unlikely as I don’t think I’ve seen a town in that country that looks like the one in the vision. Hope this helps.

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