1st Law of Thermodynamics


th8SVUF4VHI’ve been thinking about this for some time.  As energy moves and changes the 1st Law of Thermodynamics state that the total amount of energy stays the same and constant.  Energy is forever.  It can’t be “created or destroyed but it can be changed.  The total energy output of the machine is equal to the amount of heat supplied.  The sum of mass and energy is always conserved.


So since the human body is a machine and generates heat and if the soul is energy…we work off of synapses, and create electricity as we are energy systems, then where does that energy go when we die?  I have some theories because I really seem to feel that we don’t really go anywhere, just change form.  If this is so then we have many good sources of energy to help us out with all of the injustice, cruelty and greed that happens on earth.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


One thought on “1st Law of Thermodynamics

  1. Hi Luna Tic. I also believe that when we die we don’t go anywhere. We just change form. If I ever need a good Physics teacher, I now know where to go.

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