Ebola Bio weapon gone Wrong ?


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When I fist brought the.Ebola outbreak in west.Africa to my dearest friend Fefe loves attention.it wasn’t a mainstream. Media story…I expressed my deepest concerns that this was going to be.the.beginning of.a horrific event.in history….viruses come and go…but, were did this one come from. ? .the very first clue came from the natives..they said they were being experimented on .there when they became aware of what was going on,they broke out of the compound.then the virus spread rapidly throughout the villages.this story was quickly.dismissed as.hysteria….I saw cover up .my intuition told me.this was an experimental bio weapon .airborne is the wrong word…this is new and WORSE..I see it to be something that.is anti protection suit.it lives outside the host for long periods,and is super absorbent by the skin.with an anti virus antidote.it is the perfect weapon.when it spreads outside a controlled environment.it mutates into a indestructible nightmare.I believe this is why…

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