Ebola virus hits Florida in a new mutated strain

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I warned about Ebola virus.before when it wasn’t.even a big news story.I said it was airborne.when everyone swore up and down it wasn’t.not only.is it airborne,I see it mutating in a more deadly form.I predict an American death toll to be 350.000 before the spring.I have a friend that is a long time nurse.she even told me that we are being mislead.so brace yourself for some scary.uncertain times ahead.

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One thought on “Ebola virus hits Florida in a new mutated strain

  1. I see something similar to that but it will be contained here, not a lot of cases… it will be more in the 3rd world underdeveloped countries and this is really nothing new. Nature culls populations all the time, remember the Spanish flu, the plague? It happens.. I am more worried about the respiratory enterovirus 68, that one will get nasty – a stronger strain of the cold.

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