Disappearing People; Agenda 21 and the NWO


I had a nightmare last night about the government disappearing people; patriots, gun owners, leaders of political freedom/liberty movements under the guise of a medical tyranny.

First, Obama passed an insane law that the government can retain anyone who has symptoms of a respiratory problem.  Second, the boarders are opened more and more.  Third, they ship in Ebola patients and most likely spread Ebola- and spread fear.  Let us remember the Agenda 21 eugenics desire to depopulate using EBOLA, and the known depopulation efforts in the counties effected with what is most likely being proven as a genetically mutated bioweapon.  Fourth, doctors and others are coming forth to discuss patients being disappeared from hospitals with ebola like symptoms.  Fifth, they are telling health workers and emergency responders they will be fired if they use the word ebola and are saying that it is some other disease.  Sixth, they are threatening doctors that they will lose their license if they use the word ebola.

A good friend of mine is convinced the ebola is just a distraction, a cover up for another agenda.  I think it stinks to high heaven of some sort of plot, evil multi-faceted agenda.

One I had this nightmare that they created a pandemic, or the appearance of a pandemic and then offered a vaccine and the vaccine was actually the bio-weapon that killed mass numbers of people.

I also had a repeating dream about them using all sorts of fear to usher in their agenda.  They cannot motivate out of love and they are being exposed, realized and unraveled so fear/crisis is what is lurking.

I find it interesting that this is happening in conjunction with whatever possible nuke situation is growing with Russia.

4 thoughts on “Disappearing People; Agenda 21 and the NWO

  1. As I have posted before, ebola is naturally occurring over the decades and mutates slightly from person to person. I do feel like someone was trying to help and try and find a vaccine but it did fail and part of that strain mutated to become aerosolized to up to 6 feet. As I said before, it would hit our shores but it wouldn’t be significant and would just dry up in the States. I do feel and have felt that it is under reported in Africa, way under reported and that no one really knows just how many have died. I sense that there are small villages way out of the way that rarely see “town” and feel like whole villages have passed. Then I get the sense that there was so much death that they just kept piling them up and not taking count. I would say this would be in the earlier days of this outbreak and feel like some population will be wiped out. I think it is up to 5k… which really is a huge population if you were to compare it to the spanish flu or the plague. The 1918 flu pandemic between January 1918 – December 1920 a deadly pandemic with a high kill rate influenza may have killed as many as 25 million people in its first 25 weeks. Older estimates say it killed 40–50 million people, while current estimates say 50–100 million people worldwide were killed. The world has a way of correcting itself…. before that was the plague at least 3 major outbreaks over the centuries taking 30-60% of the population depending on which outbreak it was.

  2. I meant to say 5k isn’t a huge population and feel like there are so many dead before an official count was made. I believe it is unknown what the real count is and until they go from village to village… there will be more unencountered dead bodies then. I worry about the enterovirus 68, that it is a natural mutation of the common cold, we have been using so many antibiotics over the years from one generation to another and we are much cleaner than we used to be that our immune systems are not as strong as say someone at the turn of the century. This strain feels like a precursor to a real pandemic event. It seems to be targeting children and teens that is what is peeking my interest. The older people have built up their immune system and may not have had so many antibiotics or antibacterial soaps. Kids rarely go outside anymore, play in the dirt, do outside stuff, drink from the hose that sort of thing. Those are all the little things that your immune system builds off of… and not to mention horrible nutrition. Kids don’t eat like their great grandparents did… everything is sugar, gluten and chemicals, that will weaken them as well.

  3. Ok… I keep trying to get to the main point that I was thinking of and went off on a tangent instead. I feel like the “disappearing” people are not really “disappearing” I sense that it is the lost ebola victims in the affected countries. The ones that haven’t been discovered yet and may not be discovered for a very long time. I do sense someone in Africa, making the decision to keep it from WHO, not quite ordered from the top but higher up – to not state just how many really died… I get easily over 10k easily… that is the ones they think they know of… and then the ones they don’t know about yet. Especially outlying territories where culture has not advanced to any modern thought and everything is still what we would consider inane. From witchdoctors to special potions to complete denial of the disease or that it is some evil spirit. There is that population that hides in outlying areas and keep infecting. I also see eventually it will come out that one strain is easier to infect others then the one we are seeing now.

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