The Sins of the Father

I had a dream last night about how the things people do haunt their kids- even their grandkids.  The warning was be careful what you do in life, always think of your kids first, protect the innocent children— we are doing things that will have terrible lasting results on our children and the following generations. I woke up very upset thinking of suffering children.

20 thoughts on “The Sins of the Father

  1. you know, the other night I couldn’t sleep because I was so angry thinking about abused children.

  2. Fefe,
    This is so true…Child abuse is a vicious cycle , and sometimes takes several generations to break this cycle . Children are one of the most vulnerable members of society and we need as a whole to protect them from harm. I think the soul of a Nation is reflected by how it takes care of its
    most vulnerable citizens.

    1. Unfortunately. And abuse can happen in so many ways:actively, passively, intentionally, unintentionally. I think this nightmare was partially induced by this creepy weirdo I know who uploaded poem videos of herself on the internet and did even consider her kids! What sort of mom would do that? Someone really evil I tell u.

      1. Fee,
        Those videos must have been horrible. It sounds like she doesn’t care about the image she’s putting out in public of herself, let alone most importantly her kids.

        Let’s hope that her kids won’t be affected by her lack of judgement.

  3. Fee,
    I’m at a complete loss for words. Oh, is there anyway to unsee those images?

    Let’s hope that a classmate of their kids doesn’t find out about what their parents having been putting online.

      1. fee regarding that person you know that put vile stuff, and poems on the internet of herself, maybe you should call child services? tell them you want to remain anonymous, those kids don’t need to see that.

      1. I am very happy to have both Fefelove and Timmy as FB Friends. As far as children go, every week on the local evening news, including tonight, there is at least one sickening and disgusting story about some guy who had child porn on his computer being arrested. The wife of the guy on the news tonight was involved. Judgment Day can’t come soon enough for me.

  4. Im on fb but I like to keep this chat separate from those I know on fb. They might get scared. Don’t understand. As it is some of them think that I make up things about my gift. =)

  5. The sins of the Father. I believe that is also what is known as KARMA. I have seen this payback happen in my own family and my Marriage family. And yes, if we don’t pay, our children pay. So sad but true…. Fefelove…this saying has been around for ages in the Hispanic circles.

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