Fefelove’s Update

10271635_797994096911728_4670187068413161806_nHello all.  Sorry I didn’t post in awhile.  I have been very preoccupied with personal stuff and the chaotic states of the world.

I see my ebola predictions coming true.  I see my hospital as a place to die prediction coming true.  I spoke with several friends about the possibility of subway bombs in NYC.

Among my friends, the psychics, we seem to have a feeling that the ebola problem isn’t the real issue and there is a shoe waiting to drop.  We all feel something ready to come.

Some of us feel the ebola is a distraction from a war ready to explode.  Or there will be a medical tyranny.

I think if they want to bioweapon they’s first promote a freaky illness then instigate a ‘cure vaccine’ that would actually be the true bioweapon they hope to unleash on us.  I recommend don’t take any freaky vaccines and if they get really disturbing about taking some vaccine that is the one you DON’T TAKE.  I have felt for some time there will be an outbreak then a ‘cure’ and that cure is actually the thing infecting everyone.

Obama’s executive order to retain people who have signs of respiratory infection: this is the sign of the medical tyranny.  There is a pending agenda concerning ebola and camps/coffins/death- this won’t end well.

They let ebola into the states and fostered it.  I’d not be amazed if they said it is racist to not let every one in with ebola.  I think this is a government agenda, a hope to exterminate people, They didn’t mind their laws on how to contain diseases and they are responsible in a lethal way- they should be rounded up and killed for their failure to contain ebola and desire to spread it.  Lets round them up?  EHHHH?

At some point we have to hold these people responsible for their failures which are intentional not due to stupidity.

Barak Ebola needs to be the first to come to justice.

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  1. Barack will be punished by having to be a Prof at Harvard again. The Worst Cesspool of Mindless Elitism. 2 Gorgeous Women in One Post. Scintillating!

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