Ebola Is Caused by Gun Rights?


I simply can’t believe the tard media had the nerve to say that ebola is caused by second amendment supporters.

Really?  This is something we should all dwell upon in silence and then conclude needs to be protested in a strong way.

YeaH all of us loving guns and gun rights are causing a disease that could have been prevented b the CDC but wasn’t.  ASSHOLES.


Yeah just like this, looking really retarded, HEY OBAMA, I brought in EBOLA and its is all because I care about gun rights.  WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

8 thoughts on “Ebola Is Caused by Gun Rights?

      1. I stand corrected. You are much better looking than Ava Gardner-and she WAS Gorgeous!!!

  1. wtf?,That’s just stupid saying ebola was caused because of gun rights?.. I think obama’s been hanging around tony abbot too long that’s something he’s say the brainless moron.. god they dribble shit honestly..

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