The Implosion of Hollywood, Mariah Carey as a Satanic Offering and the Truth Behind the Gates of the Studio Lot

Note: I’m not sure that this post will sufficiently cover everything I’ve been meaning to write over the last week or so. If it isn’t, I’ll update it with more information at a later time. I hope this will suffice until then.

A little more than a week ago, I mentioned that the elite were preparing to offer Mariah Carey up as their next Satanic sacrifice. I get this hunch because of a large amount of negative stories swarming about her in the press at this moment along with a history of repeated collapse that could have been fatal. Even though Hollywood has seen backlash to their wicked practices come in terms of the sustained decline of the industry, they refuse to accept the karma and are insistence on preserving their traditions that have been hidden from the public for far too long. Their practices are not new. In fact, they are centuries, even millenniums, old and it’s about time that someone reveal their practices once and for all.

As far back as ancient Babylonian times, famous and powerful families have worshiped an evil entity known as Baphomet. This is the half goat, half human hybrid you see when you google this creature online. Satanism, like Christianity and Judaism, is a religion. However, it is a secret and exclusive one where only the most pure of traditional blood is allowed to flourish in their midst. It carries various rituals that many of you have probably seen at one point or another. Pretty much every MTV Video Music Award ceremony is a sanitized example of what powerful people actually do behind closed doors. From group orgies to blood sharing, many disturbing things occur that are done as a means of ensuring brotherhood among its participants and further solidifying their power as a cohesive unit. The reason that these ceremonies go on (to a lesser degree) in public is because you, the collective, are part of how they are able to sustain their power. This is why, on Know the Next, I pointed out media that hinted at staged “false flag” attacks and why I know about certain planned attacks before they are allowed to take place.

Satanic religion bases the idea on using collective energy in order to “power” any sinister plans that they are concocting behind the scenes. The theory is that, the more power that an idea or plot has from human energy, the more likely it is to go off without a hitch. When one group of people (the Skull + Bones among others) have major control over institutions of power, they can coordinate together in order to get away with their sinister actions such as 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombing. We cannot change the past, which is why I try not to obsess over the deeds that the elite have already committed. Instead, I try to focus on what they are planning next and use the knowledge of the ancients as a means of stopping great evil before it is allowed to take place.

One of the great things about technology and one of the biggest differences between as relatively recently as a decade ago to now is the ability to lay out the elite’s plans for a New World Order before they have time to execute it successfully. As I mentioned on Know the Next, my knowledge and forewarning stopped a major terrorist attack from occurring during the 2012 London Olympics. My postings both here and on the main site also helped to stop such atrocities as the ritual sacrifice of Kim Wilde and the Rockefeller Center bombing that I initially predicted for July. When the elite are forced to abandon their initial plans, it actually weakens them. It means that they are forced to retreat and are put in a offensive/defensive position against an awakened masses who know what they are up to and are working to stop it before it it too late to do so. This is why I have an obligation, for as long as I can, to continue speaking out and revealing what the elite are planning next before they actually do it. Hence, the reasoning for posting my warning to aging songstress Mariah Carey.

It is too late to redeem the murders of Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy. However, it is certainly not too late to remember their “suicide” murders and make sure that such deaths are prevented in the future. Learning from what we missed from the past is crucial to making sure it does not happen again. This is why understanding the elite’s shattering of Mariah Carey should raise alarms for what they are planning to do to her as early as next year. Relatively young, the 45 year old singer/songwriter has an immense fortune and catalog that Sony Music wants in its direct control. In order to take it from her by force, they need to eliminate her to claim their prize. They plan to do so by continuing to build a “downfall” narrative which will be used to justify their fake “suicide” story that they are planning to concoct in the press. The thought has already begun to be planted into a few and it will spread before it becomes a sad reality. Spreading the word against them about this and the planned murders of Russell Brand, Lily Allen, Madonna, Lauryn Hill and Kanye West is critical in insuring that Kennedy and Monroe did not die in vain.

What gives me confidence that we can finally eliminate this corrupt system once and for all is the downfall of the entertainment industry coinciding with the revelations of evil occurring behind the scenes of this wicked institution. From the revelation of Stephen Collins’ pedophilia to the lawsuit by singer Kesha against record producer Dr Luke for rape and sexual/physical assault, the time has come to reveal the long hidden secrets that have plagued this industry for many decades. This will become a more prevalent discussion as previous stories of abuse against those such as closet rejector William Haines and the unfair mistreatment of minors such as Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson make themselves known to the world in 2015. As this is happening, the industry will implode until just three major media groups are left standing and a vibrant indie scene rises to take its place. It is a fitting end for an institution that has long outlived its relevancy to society.

I’d like to end this by making one final point. The Civil War in the United States is not just a political battle between the people and its oppressive government. It is also a war between those who have taken advantage, rejected, neglected, abused and denied life to any individual in all of world history. It is not just an American phenomenon, but also a global event as well. Evil institutions all over will experience what the United States and its companions will face in 2015. Though this blog post is exclusively American based, it is a story we will begin to hear all over the world. In a global community, what happens one place is sometimes similar to or the same as a completely different part of the world. For all of our differences, we are very much alike in many ways. We experience the same world and we are all human beings. If we can look past cultural traditions and religions and borders and institutions and focus on the human aspect of life, we’d be able to improve much of what is wrong with the world today. If 2015 becomes the global year of awakening that I have long foreseen, then I am happy to say that this hope of mine will finally come true; even though I’m saddened by the fact that it has taken this long to get there. I guess it’s better late than never. 🙂

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  1. Liam. I agree that 2015 is to be a year of great awakening for the world and I see that awakening extending into 2016 as well. I truly believe that the earth is about to undergo a paradigm shift in consciousness. Soon the Elites will be no more.

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