Instincts on Ebola

From the beginning I have felt Ebola would turn into a big ordeal. And these past weeks our leaders making statements like “guns are to blame” and ” banning flights from countries riddled with disease would put us in more danger”
Down to hospitals not properly isolating. Now this alone makes me believe it’s being spread on purpose. Because a hospital and staff we all know are trained in isolating patients.
I believe government is to blame. I believe they want nothing more than for citizens to be in fear, and they believe fear will force citizens to give up free will and do whatever they demand.
So between One world order and Muslim extremists and now deadly disease. Ultimate out come they want is reason to enact marshal law. Ways to control citizens. And ultimate out come will be one world order with citizens following their every word.
I know how crazy it sounds. Trust me. But it all falls into place perfectly.


2 thoughts on “Instincts on Ebola

  1. I hope the people begin to wake up and fight back. They should not give in so willingly, especially when they have so much to lose.

  2. Marshal Law is certainly possible. Excellent Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington movie about Marshal Law in New York City.

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