The Halloween Massacre of the “Headless Horseman” and Other October Predictions

In anticipation of the upcoming holiday, I thought I’d share some insights from the spiritual world in regards events that will dawn close to this Pagan/Satanic holiday.


1) The town of Salem or Sleepy Hollow should be on the lookout for a mass murderer who will kill twenty to thirty women in a night of vengeance on the town. The man will be captured in a “Headless Horseman” ensemble and it will result in one of the most scandalous stories that the criminal justice system has deliberated on in years.


2) The rich and powerful better watch out. A graveyard robber makes headlines worldwide as he steals from the graves of rich donors and socialites while selling their possessions for a profit. Expect this man to be caught after a business transaction is caught by the owners of that person’s estate and leads to heavy criminal charges protested by the even more emboldened Occupy Wall Street/Anonymous movement.


3) A sale at a Target or Walmart for candy will turn violent after a shooter blows up the building and kills five hundred people inside. I think this will occur in Beavercreek as revenge for the murder of John Crawford III, but it could happen in another part of the midwest as well.


4) A Christmas embarrassment for Prime Minister Tony Abbott as he forgets the name of a high holy holiday and confuses it with a Satanic practice of little known origin. Some would not expect this to cause much outrage, but it will and could become a big issue in 2015 if he does not make an immediate apology for the remark. I even see a scenario where he is voted out of office in 2015 or 2016 as a result of this crude mixup.


5) Finally, you should be on the lookout for this candy tidbit. Mike and Ike candies (or a similar sugary treat) are found to have a pollutant which is known to cause cancer. Expect this to result in a major reevaluation of the formula and procedure for mass producing them.

Hope this information was helpful. I’ll be sure to share more with you all soon enough. 🙂


16 thoughts on “The Halloween Massacre of the “Headless Horseman” and Other October Predictions

  1. Ha ha ha, liam i’m not surprised about tony dumb dumb abbott doing something like that he’s hopeless. That moron will continue to embarrass us!.. All i can say is thank god he’s going! that day cannot not come soon enough!. oh and i must give everyone my sincerest apologies from australia, for whatever that idiot is about to say, whatever verbal diarrhea that emerges from his big mouth., we are sorry.. We australians are embarrassed to call ourselves australian, while that imbecile is in power..

  2. its nothing to do with satanisum, its a pagen festival and its to celibrate the dead as it a mark of respect for all the loved ones who have passed, some christian fundamentalists have put out that info that halloween is evil and this is totaly not true

      • My family is pentecostal christian and they allowed all of us to celebrate it. Now I’m not in any religion, and don’t celebrate any holiday.

        If they wanna give me a gift on christmas, that’s up to them…

  3. More madness…

    Tony abbot makes me sick…Doesn’t drive you mad how people can some selfish sick crap out their mouths and be nonchalant about it, like it should be okay?What is okay about brutalizing innocent children? People are going mad…even religious people…no morals.they have none at all.

    Mike and Ike candy taste like buggers with sugar sprinkled on it…I wouldn’t trust it either.

  4. Whitney Houston was Buried wearing a Quarter Million Dollars of Jewelry. Someday somebody will Dig her up for sure!

  5. Whitney Houston was Buried wearing a Quarter Million Dollars of Jewelry. Someday somebody will Dig her up for sure.

  6. having people dress up like devils and thing like that is a westen cultural practise they didnt to that in pagen days it had nothing to do with the devil at all back the the meanings though of it now a days it just some people trying to have fun i did hear some ware in the pagan days to selabrate the dead some use to dress up as scelitons maybe

  7. it was a party to rember our dear loved ons and others and throw a party for them in the names maybe to be reminded of the good times thay all had together it seems all a rather jolly way of going out it the ancient andians of amarica u to celibrate there dead and celebrate there life in a form of a party to remember them and kind of see it in a happy way i like that at should be the way to go might try and arange somthing like that for when i dye kind of cool ant it

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