Lunar Pressure


I have been feeling an almost overwhelming physical pressure and it is increased considerably with the approach of the “blood moon”.  The tides are messed up and many people I know are experiencing deaths and very close calls in there own worlds .  Lots and lots of pressure.  I wonder what we are about to see?  I have been burning candles and incense  and have lit a fire in the fire pit the last two nights.  It seems to lighten the air around me and keep whatever bad spirits that are around at bay.  People are becoming desperate.


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    • I’m not really sure. There is a pattern to Israel as it appeared just before they became a nation and is occurring during Passover and Sukkot (10/8/14). I would say that it is just due to the color because of the eclipse. I do know that Wiccan’s believe it is the full moon in October after the harvest. My husband was Wiccan. All I know is that the air feels very heavy. I am wondering what 9AM and 2HR means which showed up (when I was driving) in a tangle of 999’s, & 555’s so prominent that my 10yo noticed and asked me to write it down.

      • 555 does show up often…so does 333, and 777 has showed up a few times as well.

        well, i hope it’s nothing negative, but just the moon changing colors. If not, hopefully it will somehow be a sign of something positive.

  1. I have also noticed many 555s and 777s. There are more Blood Moons coming in 2015. This also occurred during the 6 Day War in 1967 when Israel captured the Old City of Jerusalem on June 7th. The Incense and Fire Pit sound very inviting.

  2. Yes, I agree people are becoming desperate. But its for many many reasons. The media is not helping, scaring everyone with the EBOLA scare. Then peoples finances are getting worse, and that affects all their life and the life of their loved ones too.

  3. I know some people whom the blood moon had an effect on, they said it affected them in strange ways. I’m don’t quite remember what day it was, but there was a day where I had this strange thing happen to me during sleep.I cannot explain it properly, or perhaps it was just anxiety. But i do recall the regular full moon having an effect on me, It literally woke me up,out of sleep. Like a strong presence with energy that demands attention.

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