Baphomet’s Next Offering: Mariah Carey


I will update this posting with more specifics at a later date, but I thought I’d spoil the plans of the elite before they have a chance to successfully implement them. Many have speculated about the mysterious and suspicious deaths of Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Whitney Houston and others as being “bumped off” by the powers that be. This is truthful and the elite are planning to do it again in the near future. Their next target: aging songstress Mariah Carey. Keep an eye on this page and keep an eye out for Mariah’s downfall leading to a murder looking like a “suicide” scenario in the next few months. More updates will be forthcoming.

13 thoughts on “Baphomet’s Next Offering: Mariah Carey

    1. It’s very complicated to explain and I will do so at a later time. It has to do with the origins of Satanism and the ritual practices they engage in behind closed doors. Keep an eye out for it in the near future.

    2. in a nutshell one of the reasons they do it is because the celebrity isn’t making them money anymore, so they get rid of them, it’s disgusting..

  1. personally i think michael J. Fox is next, (if not he’s on the list) He’s not making them any money anymore. To them he’s become a useless eater. The whole thing makes my stomach turn..

    1. yeah but not for them he;s not.. they’re after the big fish like money from movies that he makes, of which he hasn’t been able to do for a long time the poor bugger. They view him as a useless eater, so they’ll get rid of him sooner or later.Their just vile!

  2. This looks right about Mariah. Look at the fallout with her and hubby? I always say look at the prior events for the MAIN EVENT takes place. Then you will discover it really was planned by those satanist elitist. You better believe they have all made their bed in the sea of fire.

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