Mississippi (Not Iowa or Kansas) Will Decide The Midterm Elections


I know everyone in the mainstream media is focusing on the hotly contested races in Iowa and Kansas, but I have to share a quick little psychic hunch that neither of those two states will decide this years midterm election. The state that will ultimately make or break a senate decision for the Democrats or the Republicans is Mississippi. Keep an eye out for Chris McDaniel and the court’s decision on whether his challenge of election rigging by Thad Cochran is legitimate or not. If McDaniel does not get an outcome he desires in the court of law, he will be the spoiler in that out of the blue election of critical importance. On the other hand, a last minute decision in his favor can also spell trouble for the Democrats since it will hold off this election for another eight months; leaving the state without a representative from January to late August or early September. In any scenario, this is the ultimate dark horse that will make or break the ever bizarre year of unusual midterm election outcomes. Not that much of this matters due to what will happen in January of 2015. I just thought I’d get this out there as another tip of my hat and check in my accuracy score card for my prescience as a psychic. 😉

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