Riker’s Update: Watch Out for TJ Lane

(Note: This post has been updated from its original writing. See edit below.)


Although I am still of the belief that Riker’s Island will see its maximum security bustout in October, this recent escape of school shooter TJ Lane, along with two other inmates, is very close to my original prediction that I made last year. This may either be a partially fulfilled version of what I foresaw (in conjunction with Cecily’s stirring the pot at Riker’s and the reforms that followed) or a warning for what will be more deadly in New York next month. Remains to be seen, but you should all keep an eye out for this in any scenario.

(ETA: 9/12) TJ Lane and his accomplice were recaptured a few short hours after their escape and brought back to prison. This either means a partial fulfillment in Ohio along with the prison breakout in Ukraine or a warning for what New Yorkers should expect at Riker’s next month. Remains to be seen just in case.

Spirit Graduation(Death)

Recently I have been plagued with someone else’s fear of death, and it combined with my own causing it to double(or even triple). I bursted out into tears, felt hopeless,afraid, alone, and it just came out of no where.

Although I still want my loved ones to live happy full lives, I’ve learned to view the death of good people as a “graduation”…an accomplishment.

And, I also believe that people in the distant future will begin to view death much differently. More as an accomplishment(as it is for good people, and should be)

The corruption of what most people think death is, is DEEPLY rooted within us. And that is NOT the truth.

In the island where my family comes from, wakes before the funeral are different, instead, we throw parties and celebrate.

Some deaths are tragic…but we can pray the their soul overcomes the trauma and be free to cross over.

Visions that keep coming back.

I think that there will be a highway or road collapse in the mid west. I see many red flashing lights and unfortunately a school bus.  Missouri is the first state that comes to mind.  I feel that we are going to experience an eruption.  A volcano and I don’t know where exactly but I feel Hawaii.  I also see a flooded street with water up to the windows of a truck and surrounding a building.  It is most of the way up the evacuation route sign.  This would be kind of personal as it is a street near my home in Florida.  I’d better get the canoe out.




I feel the time has come for every wicked thing in the world to come together.I feel that with  our weak President and us under estimating a brutal enemy, we are in for scary times ahead. First off.Isis is a different breed .I see them carrying out numerous small attacks in the U.S. and abroad. They will go after our children women, and elderly. In places we wouldn’t think anyone would think be a terrorist target. I see new viruses combined with Ebola, touch everyone in some way. This is evils last stance.so be alert, follow that inner voice that warns you when something is not right. And be prepared for anything. Especially around the Holidays.

Questions on 911

Some of my dear friends here have been asking me if iI had any vision of 911.  Should they keep their kids home from school?

I just want to say I love this video from Christopher Greene.  I am choosing to keep Fefe home because she’s small and far away in her private school.  I am allowing Gabe to attend school because it’s literally next to my house and he wants to go.  He can run home in the event of some tragedy on account to his cell phone.  I can’t advise specifically, you must follow your heart.  I don’t like the mainsteam media pumping up a potential 911 attack.  I am not making this judgement from a psychic position but from a loving mommy position.  I do best in my psychic premonitions when they are not mixed with emotions.  My kids and their safety obviously mixes with deep emotions and I get confused.  I am full of fears, since I love my kids so much.  I think Chris makes a good point mentioning the 11 airlines stolen from tripoli.  Let’s add all the “missing nukes.”   That is a genuine worry.


Best Wishes, hope it passes uneventfully.  I dislike the mainsteam media language of fear mongering and take it as a real warning.


I didn’t get any personal visions of this date.  I do feel its a potential risk and if it doesn’t strike on 911 it will happen eventually as a NWO scheme.  If it does happen its totally NWO led to take away freedoms and make a war.  I feel they LOVE to target children for the fear effect.

I fear they might even target Muslim schools because of the creep effect.  I really don’t know.  I am not pretending to know what I don’t know. I can speak as a concerned parent.  There are a lot of factors in every case and I encourage you to listen to the voice withthin.  We all know eventually there will be a series of events which might change everything.


The grid is fragile.  WORSE then expected.


I don’t know why the mainsteam media is making like ISIS is ready to strike on 911- is it a premonition of what they intend to do?  They always announce stuff.

I have a grave distrust in everything right now on account of their obvious deeds.

This is the best I have to offer.  I wish it were more clear but it is mixed with mommy fears.  I simply can’t help those fears.  My kids are my life  🙂

I hope in the long run I am a mommy of paranoia and these things don’t happen.  I like my happy place I can float along much better.

Dream of The Future (2200’s Perhaps)


I had a vision the other day of a future life that I will live. It was on a spaceship (much like the ones you see on Star Trek) and I saw all sorts of things aboard. I was a space cadet whose mission was to go to other planets and help sort out the affairs of other people. I was teleported in a few shots and it felt like my body became fluid until it re-solidified itself aboard the ship. I could travel at light year speeds and it was perfected by this point in time. There were chairs that moved on a floor that took you to various destinations aboard the ship. I worked with a couple of different captains; one man with blonde hair, one with sandy blonde hair and a woman with either red, brunette or blonde hair. There were some conversations that I am not allowed to share, but I will say that the reason I believe I received these visions was because the universe must have wanted me to say that we will survive the civil war and we will become a stronger species as a result of God’s ultimate purging of humanity. This future isn’t for a few hundred years, but it was marvelous to see nonetheless.

The Rise of the KKK is a Scare Tactic/Deceptive False Flag Trap for White Americans


A couple of major news stories have arisen these past few weeks about the rise of the KKK in the wake of issues like immigration reform and the Ferguson uproar. I had written in my summary timeline of the upcoming civil war that the KKK would play a large role in the upcoming conflict for the destruction of the elite establishment. They are being deliberately risen to prominence to help assure power wrangling in favor of the elite in the event of a revolt next year. There are many of you who have conservative sympathies on this website (I won’t name you publicly), but I must warn you to not even consider joining or associating with the KKK. They are a false flag trap set up to try to send honorable, hard working but angered Americans right back into the hands of their oppressors. The Klan will increase recruiting efforts as time goes on and they will have some success in their efforts. However, enough of you will be wise to their tactics and expose them for their plans to thwart various militia groups that select members have infiltrated at this time. They will fail when they are exposed for this sabotage, but I fear some of may you fail along with them. It will also make civil war much more challenging for the elite to be defeated in since they will tip off the government to various actions of activist and militia groups. Don’t join the wrong side of the conflict against your fellow men and women. It will result in eternal damnation for your alliance to the devil. Stay alert for the rise of white supremacy next month. It will reveal the evil that lurks in power and the fact that we need more individual power, not collectivist misery.


I’ve feel that society’s disgust with cigarettes will increase more and more until they finally decide to do something that will possibly bring it’s usage and rate of users to an all time low or possibly even diminish the usage of it. 

In my opinion, I don’t think “substitutions” make sense nor anything “psychological”.Perhaps some sort of “cure” for nicotine addiction to get rid of the desire for good.