Warning for Student Activist Joshua Wong

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When I read the story on the news about Hong Kong student activist Joshua Wong facing off against the Communist Chinese government, I got a chill down my spine. This is because I wrote a prediction for 2015 almost two years ago that this young man is very much susceptible to:

“Against the wishes of the new Dalai Lama, a young Chinese rebel stages a protest in the center of Tiananmen Square and is shot a minute into his speech. More tensions between the Tibetan Monks and the Communist regime in China will follow this tragic event.”


This kid may not be specifically tied to the Tibetan movement, but he might be or could become somewhat involved in their cause shortly. If this is the case, then he will surely be the young man who will stage a protest in the infamous Tiananmen Square and will be shot down by the tyrannical Communist government. Though his death could see the Communist government overthrown earlier than 2018, I would hope that such a movement could occur without such unnecessary violence. If it is to be, then it is to be. However, I hope this warning can inspire action so that another assassination isn’t necessary in order for us to be doing the right thing for once on our collective timeline.

2 thoughts on “Warning for Student Activist Joshua Wong

  1. I hope that the “Umbrella Revolution” engulfs all of China and leads to the downfall of Communism.

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