Dream: The Culling




I had a dream last night which was haunting.  Some people said they made a movie for me and I needed to watch it.  It was an old fashioned movie, very vintage like first movies that came out- the nickel movies.  It was black and white, silent and had subtitles.  Sometimes the scenes would stop and I would go into the movie and look around.  When I went into the movie it was in color more like real life.  The movie was called ‘The Culling” and the subtitles I can remember included: ebola, mass death, sick colonies, funeral processions, wailing, eugenics, mass murder, exploitation, funeral rituals defied and government response.  The scenes included a lot of Africa and it seemed like everyone there was dying, especially in the areas where ebola has already become an epidemic.  I got the feeling this was not simply a warning for Africa but rather for the world….further, it seemed like a sinister depopulation plan.  I don’t really always understand why I have such disturbing dreams and what I am supposed to do with the information.  This dream was not only creepy but appeared quite hopeless and utterly depressing.  Maybe if we understand this as part of a plan born from eugenics and depopulation we can respond with anger and not fear….seek justice and not succumb?

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  1. I felt for quite a while that the ebola pandemic is being under reported. It is quite out of control now and I do feel like this will have to burn itself out… and also feel like there has been a mutation and at least one strain is airborne. It is ok to drop things in… but don’t take things out of Africa. Borders needs to be closed – only aid deliveries.

  2. around 2 months ago the Media stated that some vials were found on the counter at the Center for Disease Control –they were left in a spot as if someone forgot to put them away. I had a feeling we had not heard the Last of What really happened that those vials were left out of Storage. Not Good.

  3. I am becoming alarmed by the growing news reports of children in the United States becoming permanently paralyzed by a severe respiratory infection. This severe malady has now spread to at least 45 states.

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