Random Predictions

These are some random predictions I have for the future in 2015.

1) The entertainment industry will implode next year. Three mega monopoly groups, along with publicly owned cable internet systems, plus the rise of independent media, will take over in its place.

2) Abortion will be banned throughout massive parts of the United States in 2016, but increased taxes and deficits in conservative states will see these laws repealed by the respective legislatures in ten years time; 2026. In the interim, the twelve to thirteen states, plus the district of columbia, that allow it will finance programs to help underprivileged women from banned states receive them by forcing their respective states to pay for the bill. That, along with threats of government withholding funds and business pulling out of pro abortion ban states, will change the dialogue once and for all by the 2030’s.

3) China will suffer a revolt at the hands of its people and the communist government will be gone by 2018.

4) Angered at the rigged elections against independence, the United Kingdom will face a threat from within as massive protestors hunt down David Cameron, the Queen and other major political figures in a mass insurrection in 2015. The conflict will see major casualties on both sides of the divide and see Prince William and Kate Middleton flee to the countryside for twenty to twenty five years. This comes as revolution is sparked across the entirety of Europe, which unfortunately leads to defeat for the rebel groups. A new European Union monarchy will come in the ashes of this conflict.

5) South America will face a revolution, but recovery comes as middle class families from the United States flee to Argentina and Brazil to make a better life for themselves overseas. This will help to spur an economic recovery by the end of the decade.

6) In the next four years, Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Lily Allen and Russell Brand will face assassination attempts on their lives to varying degrees of success. Two of these will fail, but unfortunately two will end up succeeding in their mission. I won’t say which ones will die, but it will not be a pleasant chapter in world history regardless.

7) Finally, a ray of hope will come from alien life that tries to make contact with human beings. It will begin later this year on a smaller scale, but a larger intervention is staged at the start of the next decade. Before this occurs, humanity must evolve away from the shackles of the past. Until that time, fear will dash hopes of our understanding of the universe.

I will post more predictions at some point in the near future. Keep an eye out for them. 🙂

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