Warnings for New York


There are two threats that the government has been throwing out to force the masses into complacency with their leadership. The first is the threat of a bomb or plane attack on the World Trade Center site or the Empire State Building. I particularly have had bad vibes from the Empire State for years and have even heard conversations in public from random people asking how long it will hold itself up for. Keep an eye out for any security breaches or more government threats. The more panicky they become, the more serious they (and not ISIS) will be in unleashing the attack.


The second more severe threat is a flat out nuclear attack on Manhattan in September of October of 2015, though I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if it happened this year as well. It all depends on how badly they want to justify a war for more oil and how big of a threat Zephyr Teachout’s progressive base becomes to the establishment in the form of the Green Party’s Howie Hawkins. Dick Cheney, Andrew Cuomo and Barack Obama have all mentioned it for a reason; remember who they answer to. đŸ˜‰


I hope the citizens of the state and across the nation take action by calling out their elected officials for complacency for planning another false flag attack on our nation. If we expose them soon enough, it will either prevent them from pulling it off successfully or, at the very least, having a proof of burden placed upon them that results in rightful civil war. These Ferguson protestors are what is to come for the powers that be if a government for the people and supposedly by the people doesn’t start acting in the interests of their own people once again.

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