Super Psychics/Awakening/OBE

Last Night I had a chat with a friend on here, and she sent me a video. It was about mobbing, bullying, narcissism, scapegoating, and abuse.All of which have been going along in my life.That was actually an important message I needed to hear in order for my next guide to communicate with me.

This morning, or a few minutes ago, I just woke up from an OBE. The drilling pain in my mid-back during sleep paralysis is actually the pain I get when my body astral projects.It’s not a blessing or a curse, it just “is”.

Now, I left my body, and a guide communicated with me and he had a southern accent. He told me that I was a “super” psychic, and he said some other things that I couldn’t fully understand. I’ve learned to listen to the messages more and more clearly.I was able to decipher the more important information. He said that he went through a similar situation as me, growing up. His dad was a narcissist, he dealt with mega-mobbing bullies, abuse, then I told him about “scapegoating”, and he laughed. Scapegoating is where you’re unfairly accused of something that someone else does. And that is a spot on word to describe some of what goes on in my life.

He also said that I will go through something painful that will cause my abilities to fully awaken.He said he felt sorry for me,like how a friend said to me, which raises worry in me. After all of that he said something like, “This is the first time you have been in my faithful presence”, then he said something about trusting in jesus christ or something of that nature, and then told me to raise my hands up in the air, everything got brighter…I saw a bright white/blue light, then I started to see all these colors and images. I saw the chakra colors go all the way from red to purple.Other things I can’t explain.

Then I woke up…

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    1. its not about me dying. I don’t really fear me dying much, although I want a long happy life. It’s actually a fear of a loved one dying, any loved one. People seem to think it’s me, but it’s not haha.

  1. Actually, I was wrong to say fear. I just generally feel horrible inside…I can’t explain it…this uneasy feeling inside me. It feels like death, but it’s not.

      1. I am here for you. I just began the worst chapter of my life and yet there is so much beauty in the breakdown. I am starting to see very clearly and the information is at a non stop pace. There will be gifts for you. Life is hard, we are here to learn. I was grieving so much today and then I got the gift. A song my husband had wrote. Damn, he was brilliant. The world will hear his music but it is just not the right time yet. You will awaken and you will live through it. We are here to learn.

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