I posted this August 30th… and now noticed that there wasn’t a comments section to my post not sure why.  It does seem like my original thought or part if it… is happening.  Ebola is out of control at the moment and no real containment date in site.  I feel like the containment time has many months been passed. Now checking to see if the comments section is here.  I am interested in what others think.



I have sensed for a while that Ebola is and will be mutating to more “viable” strains.  I do feel like there is an aerosolized mutation started already in one strain.  I get a sense that it is under reported to avoid a mass hysteria.  They are working hard to get this contained.  I do not see containment for a very, very long time.  It will spread – it will hit our shores, however, it will be quickly contained.  Not so much where it started, will wipe out and I want to say massive poverty stricken populations.  I hope I am wrong and will say a prayer for the unfortunate ones.

I tried to post this a couple days ago and still not sure if I am getting right.

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  1. hi i personally don’t see it wiping out mass populations, no i don’t see that at all, it will be eliminated not for a while but it will happen. There will be possibly many hundreds of deaths but it will not wipe out the population.. the ptb have other ideas on that one, horrible horrible people..

    1. yes i agree, but what i meant was the entire population of the planet., i don’t see us getting wiped out by it. having said that one death is one death too many..

  2. I don’t believe I said the entire population of the planet. A massive population into the hundreds and a few thousand… as 2 thousand have already died. I also said it would reach our shores but would be quickly contained.

  3. I saw a religious program on TV 2-3 weeks ago. They showed that in AFrica (where the EBOLA virus is rampid) The Religious practices of the people of that Nation is to “DANCE” with the Dead corpse of the deceased (no matter what, they died of). And by doing that with an EBOLA DEAD PERSON, the juices and secretions, get on them. AND THUS… they GET EBOLA… AND its a VICIOUS cycle. The AMERICAN MEDIA CHANNELS ABC,NBC AND CNN… AREnt showing the TRuth. Just the THE UNITED STATES NEEDS TO SEND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND PEOPLE TO HELP, AND NOW PRES OBAMA IS SAYING ITS A MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY…..OMG. TEach the people…not to Dance with the DEAD of EBOLA…and all this spreading of disease will STOP!!!!!

  4. There are many practices… they wash and prepare the dead for burial… Telling this to the families of deceased is one thing—making sure they understand is entirely another. In Sierra Leone, a country whose literacy rate in 2013 was just over 35 percent, it’s particularly challenging. In neighboring Guinea and Liberia, two places with similar levels of poverty and illiteracy, education alone isn’t a viable solution either.

    In the Ugandan ceremonies the Hewletts witnessed, the sister of the deceased’s father is responsible for bathing, cleaning, and dressing the body in a “favorite outfit.” This task, they write, is “too emotionally painful” for the immediate family. In the event that no aunt exists, a female elder in the community takes this role on. The next step, the mourning, is where the real ceremony takes place. “Funerals are major cultural events that can last for days, depending on the status of the deceased person,” they write. As the women “wail” and the men “dance,” the community takes time to “demonstrate care and respect for the dead.” The more important the person, the longer the mourning. When the ceremony is coming to a close, a common bowl is used for ritual hand-washing, and a final touch or kiss on the face of the corpse (which is known as a “a love touch”) is bestowed on the dead. When the ceremony has concluded, the body is buried on land that directly adjoins the deceased’s house because “the family wants the spirit to be happy and not feel forgotten.”

    I don’t actually think they pick the body and give it the texas two step.

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