A man with a good heart.

He is addicted…to lots of things.  I liked him because when I first met him, a dove flew into my windshield and he told me to turn around.  I don’t like to be told anything but I did what he said.  He got out of the car and gently picked up the dove who had broken it’s neck and put it on the back seat floor.  When we got to our destination, he proceeded to bury the bird.  His dad was  Creek Indian and a Navy pilot who died all to soon. He now has a loving family and is an immensely talented musician and professional.  Very smart too (Mensa geek.).  I just left him in an ICU ward because he can’t stop drinking himself to death.  He doesn’t even like the taste of it.  He taught his children to survive because that is one of his priority focuses.   He could survive in the worst of circumstances and has. The guy knows how to cook anything.   Knows how to fix anything (of so he says). So why would someone who can survive, has many God given talents, is in tune with nature and above all, loves his family intensely, why can’t he survive this?  What takes our will to live? I cannot pray hard enough to get him to want to live.

6 thoughts on “A man with a good heart.

  1. i’m sorry luna, my loving thoughts and prayers go with you and him stay strong and positive if you can xxx

    1. Thank you soulconnection. That means a lot to me. I begged God for help and he gave it to me. Unfortunately, it was not the answer I wanted. He really was a great man who was too good to cope with this unscrupulous world. I am honored that he chose me for his wife and the mother of his children. I thought that we would be traveling the same path for longer and am pretty upset that this isn’t so but that is just the brat in me.

  2. i’m so so sorry luna, please accept my sincerest condolences, he will always be with you xox

  3. Alcoholism is a disease. Its not spiritual. He deals with his body how he knows how, Most American Indians don’t deal well with life, because they feel its too messed up. We suffer by their side until we have enough, and can’t Live with that turmoil anymore. You made the best choice for your Life .

    1. I hear you. He was always helping others and he just wasn’t right with all of the injustice. He could not tune it out. I hurt when it was directed at him just for doing his best. People can throw the crappiest hate out there to people just because they are jealous that someone can try and channel their talents into amazing messages.

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