Riker’s Update: Watch Out for TJ Lane

(Note: This post has been updated from its original writing. See edit below.)


Although I am still of the belief that Riker’s Island will see its maximum security bustout in October, this recent escape of school shooter TJ Lane, along with two other inmates, is very close to my original prediction that I made last year. This may either be a partially fulfilled version of what I foresaw (in conjunction with Cecily’s stirring the pot at Riker’s and the reforms that followed) or a warning for what will be more deadly in New York next month. Remains to be seen, but you should all keep an eye out for this in any scenario.

(ETA: 9/12) TJ Lane and his accomplice were recaptured a few short hours after their escape and brought back to prison. This either means a partial fulfillment in Ohio along with the prison breakout in Ukraine or a warning for what New Yorkers should expect at Riker’s next month. Remains to be seen just in case.