Spirit Graduation(Death)

Recently I have been plagued with someone else’s fear of death, and it combined with my own causing it to double(or even triple). I bursted out into tears, felt hopeless,afraid, alone, and it just came out of no where.

Although I still want my loved ones to live happy full lives, I’ve learned to view the death of good people as a “graduation”…an accomplishment.

And, I also believe that people in the distant future will begin to view death much differently. More as an accomplishment(as it is for good people, and should be)

The corruption of what most people think death is, is DEEPLY rooted within us. And that is NOT the truth.

In the island where my family comes from, wakes before the funeral are different, instead, we throw parties and celebrate.

Some deaths are tragic…but we can pray the their soul overcomes the trauma and be free to cross over.


3 thoughts on “Spirit Graduation(Death)

  1. There is nothing whatsoever to be frightened of when you die, i’ve died twice in my life. When your soul leaves your body, you feel more alive than ever!, it’s the most beautiful and joyous feeling you can ever experience. You feel so light and soo much love and freedom words can’t explain it. The thing that makes our souls sad after we die, is the knowing that our loved ones are in pain and grieving. That’s very hard on our souls to deal with, because your screaming at them telling them your ok, and they can’t hear you.. That’s the only sad part about it. Please don’t be scared of death, it’s only a transition.. I’m sorry you were upset, i understand that. x

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