Dream of The Future (2200’s Perhaps)


I had a vision the other day of a future life that I will live. It was on a spaceship (much like the ones you see on Star Trek) and I saw all sorts of things aboard. I was a space cadet whose mission was to go to other planets and help sort out the affairs of other people. I was teleported in a few shots and it felt like my body became fluid until it re-solidified itself aboard the ship. I could travel at light year speeds and it was perfected by this point in time. There were chairs that moved on a floor that took you to various destinations aboard the ship. I worked with a couple of different captains; one man with blonde hair, one with sandy blonde hair and a woman with either red, brunette or blonde hair. There were some conversations that I am not allowed to share, but I will say that the reason I believe I received these visions was because the universe must have wanted me to say that we will survive the civil war and we will become a stronger species as a result of God’s ultimate purging of humanity. This future isn’t for a few hundred years, but it was marvelous to see nonetheless.