The Rise of the KKK is a Scare Tactic/Deceptive False Flag Trap for White Americans


A couple of major news stories have arisen these past few weeks about the rise of the KKK in the wake of issues like immigration reform and the Ferguson uproar. I had written in my summary timeline of the upcoming civil war that the KKK would play a large role in the upcoming conflict for the destruction of the elite establishment. They are being deliberately risen to prominence to help assure power wrangling in favor of the elite in the event of a revolt next year. There are many of you who have conservative sympathies on this website (I won’t name you publicly), but I must warn you to not even consider joining or associating with the KKK. They are a false flag trap set up to try to send honorable, hard working but angered Americans right back into the hands of their oppressors. The Klan will increase recruiting efforts as time goes on and they will have some success in their efforts. However, enough of you will be wise to their tactics and expose them for their plans to thwart various militia groups that select members have infiltrated at this time. They will fail when they are exposed for this sabotage, but I fear some of may you fail along with them. It will also make civil war much more challenging for the elite to be defeated in since they will tip off the government to various actions of activist and militia groups. Don’t join the wrong side of the conflict against your fellow men and women. It will result in eternal damnation for your alliance to the devil. Stay alert for the rise of white supremacy next month. It will reveal the evil that lurks in power and the fact that we need more individual power, not collectivist misery.

2 thoughts on “The Rise of the KKK is a Scare Tactic/Deceptive False Flag Trap for White Americans

  1. Jehovah, save us! The KKK? Seriously in the 21st century Whites feel the need to revert to KKK Terrorism to accomplish something? How about the other 98-99% finally come together as a united force that transverses color lines? The way I figure it, every American citizen regardless of color, is angry about the same things. Severe lack of employment, involvement in foreign affairs that do not concern us, and an invasion by residents of 3rd world nations who only mean us harm. If there is to be civil war then let it be like the red revolution is Czarist Russia where the correct enemies the wealthy aristocrats were targeted and not just any old Joe Blow off the street. Let us do away with the hierarchy that has oppressed 95% of this quasi nation (functions more like a corporation) since founding and start fresh. Don’t divide yourselves based on color and religion only to end up crushed once again under the heel of a new elite.

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