Update for My Ebola Predictions

Now the US is preparing for 100,000 possible ebola victims by DECEMBER!!!! Four months away?  See THIS article.  What would the numbers be a year from now????? I don’t want to have been right about this but the signs are pointing that direction.  We know who to blame.  This is not ‘an act of God.’  How totally depressing.

One thought on “Update for My Ebola Predictions

  1. FEFELOVE “THE Man” knows that if you scare enough people. some of those people will have so much fear, they will take their lives (commit Suicide). Ebola has been around for years and years. The media is making it a ” Sensational thing.” Scaring everyone… This too will pass as others have. Don’t let Satan trick you to take your life. This goes for EVERYONE.

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