Nightmares Over Exploitation/Control of Kids



As I went to sleep last night I was meditating about  variety of things, as usual, in particular the post I made about governments trying to take kids away from parents.  In my dream last night I saw people planning Obama-care and saying one of the primary goals was to create a system whereby they can take kids away from parents due to medical regulations.  I know there are many agendas with Obama-care and there are a multiplicity of ways they can try  to take the kids away from their parents to have a commie educational family government system.  I am posting this because this is my dream.  I next had a dream about an increase of child trafficking.  I was crying in these dreams and feeling what parents were feeling and seeing exploited kids.  I woke up feeling very somber this morning.  😦

One thought on “Nightmares Over Exploitation/Control of Kids

  1. So sorry FEFELOVE. I probably would be feeling the same if I dreamt that. But, have you heard of some virus happening only to Elementary age school children, They have a few cases in CA and other states. It hits the kids and gives them a paralyzation of their body, supposedly it is temporary, but they don’t Know WHERE this came from. And it just seems so Man-made to me.

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