Earthquake Dream


I had a vivid dream/vision today that I was standing on an upper floor of a high rise building. Within seconds, the building began to shake and progressively the shaking became more violent where it became very difficult to stand. After, what seemed to be two or three minutes of shaking, the building slowly began to lean over. I was still inside the building as the building was falling to one side. I also noticed there was no furniture in the building and there were large glass windows on each floor. This may have been a new building that was not yet ready for occupancy. I seemed protected throughout this event and walked away without any injury and was speaking to others following the earthquake. This may be a sign that a significant seismic event is very near. Please be prepared and stay safe. Peace, love and light to the world.❤


Second American Civil War or Second American Revolution?


I just watched this commentary (Martial Law) on the recent events in Furguson and about the idea they are testing martial law which they hope to bing to every American city as part of the take down of America in order to insert their government control and usurp our civil rights.  This video left me thinking of the events in Iceland and a lingering question formed in my mind: will this result in another Civil War or should we be thinking of it at a second American Revolution (against the NWO elitists who have hijacked our country and many other countries?  Will American people revolt against the correct group and demand justice/ prosecute the true people who have committed war crimes and stolen the wealth/education/health of the American people?  We are being divided and distracted by issues of race so we don’t unite and become like Iceland, restoring our country against the true enemies.  I am posting this because I really think this video commentary is important for everyone to see and consider during the upcoming events.  

Waiting for the Shoe (Nuke) to Drop


I have made ongoing predictions about this for two years.  In my 2014 New Year predictions I said the phrase came to me that this was ‘the year of the bomb.’  I predicted a nuke on a major US city.  People might have thought I was insane upon mentioning these dreams before but now everyone is listening.  The recent politicians talking about their ‘fears’ of ISIS or Al-CIA-DA nuking a major city is telling you the NWO plans.  They are announcing their plans to nuke in the near future.  They see this nuke strike as necessary to usher in WWIII and the Civil War.  They will no doubt, some how both manage to blame patriots/veterans/Tea Party (etc) and also manage to use the nuke as a reason to go take down Syria.  They are still upset that the army stood down and wouldn’t fight with Al-CIA-DA in Syria and have been itching for a means to get their way.  A lot  of the near future will depend upon our Oath Keepers and the choices that each individual makes when they decide what side they want to be on when the cards start to fall.  I think the name of this ‘terrorist’ group keeps changing to confuse people and because the troops won’t support AL-CIA-DA—- so they want to confuse people but they are the NWO.  We should just call them the arm of the NWO.  I feel these events closer now but am unsure of the time frame.  I suppose several factors need to be in place but I think it is entirely possible a city will be wiped out before the end of the year.  If not then, soon.  I also predicted once bombs start going off things will happen quickly and people who have been waiting to strike will suddenly emerge like a snake seeing an opportunity.  For example, North Korea will choose to bomb South Korea in the middle of many other things….Israel/Iran/Palestine/Russia will all break into war.  There will be simultaneous civil wars and world war and everyone will be confused.  Bio-weapons, diseases and food shortages, riots and looting will accompany this fun filled piece of sh+tt NWO plan thus setting the stage for people to want martial law and all kinds hand outs which will be readily given to the ill informed and unprepared.  Could there be a better time for global economic collapse where supposedly ‘no one is to blame’ amid such chaos?  NWO: Global reset and all their ‘order from chaos’ solutions just before the time of singularity.  I still don’t think this NWO plan will be successful and they don’t know what they are in for but obviously they want to try to make it happen.  Looks like we are in for the ride of our lives.  See this AMTV commentary for more ideas on this subject.  FYI I think the first (?) nuke will be in a northern city which is really big and popular.  Possible targets are: Washington, Manhattan, New York, Chicago, Boston….???? I believe they want to make a spectacle of a big rich populated symbol of America.  I think it will be during ‘business hours.’  I also think there will be some kind of communication disruption/shut down thanks to our government and they might even black out some cities.  They might black out Texas because they don’t want us to communicate.  The black out of communications and possible grid failure will be a purposeful strike against the alternative media in an attempt to twist and control the story line as well as keep communications between resistance organizations difficult.  I believe our own government is behind all of this because it has been hijacked by the NWO.  Americans should be slow to want a war because war is ugly and means mass death.   We have been so sheltered for so long and have no concept of what it is like to live in a war torn area.  It has been a major mission of the people on this site to inform and thus help prevent these unjust and unwanted actions.  I think there is a small quiet before the storm and those of us listening will feel it and know.  Several years ago I had many dreams about nukes, fire, starving and thirsty people. I have to say in my dreams the feeling of thirst was something that really haunted me.  Also, I predicted dreams where I kept seeing the arabic word for ‘fear.’  Somehow in the middle of this my dream about Saudi also most likely unfolds- maybe they are somehow double crossed as the NWO fights for power and is struggling.  I think a palace is bombed/on fire and people jump out of it during some kind of party or fancy meeting.  Remember this: when this goes down and everyone is confused some of us saw this coming ages ago.  The NWO can’t stop our insight, our visions, our minds, our pineal glands from understanding and discerning the truth.  This isn’t ‘terrorism’ as they will say.  This is a purposeful plan and we have welcomed it with open boarders and supporting unjust wars and fostering an unjust system that has allowed the NWO to position itself without enough whistleblowers to expose them.  People are quick to believe something ‘comforting’ and not those ‘conspiracy theories.’  The NWO and their depopulation war mongering eugenics agenda is very real and we are about to see a more active version of it….we are already experiencing their slow kill toxins and information/education attack on our bodies and minds.  REMEMBER.  See THIS AMTV commentary about AL-CIA-DA-ISIS-NWO. 

Return of ‘Leprosy Colonies’ and the Practice of Isolated Diseased Colonies


I am the sort of nerd who enjoys going to the beach and devouring a good book about the history of Leprosy in Biblical times through the Middle Ages.  I have no idea why diseases in art and society have always interested me as an academic topic.  While reading a book years ago I kept having this recurring thought in my  mind like a photo of modern day isolated sick people.  I thought to myself, throughout time there has always been a cultural practice of kicking the sick out of society or marginalizing them in some way or another.  I wondered how a modern day leprosy type colony would look in a variety of countries.  Anyway today THIS article about leprosy making a return caught my eye.  I had the same photos in my mind of isolated people in a community ridden with diseases.  Every day in the news is a summary of new plagues of seemingly Biblical scale coming our way: ebola, an assortment of animal flu, leprosy, the plague, a return of all these nasty mutated should have been exterminated diseases….I still think these are being genetically manipulated and purposefully spread around to cause a plague-sickness fear so that they can create more government controls as well as reduce population.  Regardless of where you believe this influx of creepy diseases is originating/ the purpose of it—- the fact remains that there IS an INFLUX of creepy mutated terrible diseases heading everywhere right now.  I predict there will be a return of leprosy colonies and colonies of people with other diseases.  In third world countries these colonies will look more like they did in ancient days.  In modernized countries they will be isolated through martial law type organization.  I don’t believe the media is accurately reporting these diseases and I completely distrust the narrative.  I hope none of my fears here are realized.  Now is the still the time to get as healthy as possible and store natural cures.  Much love! Fefelove xx  

WATCH: Events in Missouri likely a NWO staged attempt to ignite domino effect/race war.

I found it interesting that there were NO dash cams in this case despite the police having light tanks and Holder just happened to jump on this one from the beginning. Fishy from the beginning. Watch the video, be sure to pay close attention starting at 10:30 through the end where the constitutional “oath keeper” in one video appears in “live” CNN footage as a “police officer.” What a bunch of BS. Clearly a paid gov’t actor/provocateur. Give no credence these frauds.

The Breakdown of the Second American Civil War

I wanted to update you all on my situation before I lay out the timeline for civil war. I am in a dangerous area and hope to evacuate as soon as possible. Due to this, I will not be able to post as frequently as I’d like to until I am in a place of safety and security. Please keep me in your thoughts at this important time. Thanks in advance. 🙂

Now for the breakdown:


Late August-Early September: Racial riots lead to further destabilization in Ferguson. By the end of the month, the violence will spread up the New England coast and down the Mason Dixon line. By the end of October, it will also hit the west coast after a deadly clash with LAPD police sees the suburbs erupt into flames.

End of September or October: The second year in a row of government shutdown kicks off. This time, the US credit rating has a major downgrade and borrowing becomes much harder in the meantime for their allies. Despite concessions and attempts at brokering a deal, lawmakers will not come to an agreement with fringe groups looking to make an example out of the Obama administration. As a result, the stock market implodes in early October bringing the US into a second great depression.

Late November: The US pulls all troops out of other territories at it tries, in vain, to deescalate tensions among its citizenry. This leaves Russia clear to begin their own occupation of Crimea and Georgia by a new leader who will take Putin’s place later this month or early next month. ISIS will also use this opportunity to launch weapons at Israeli military and oil facilities causes massive casualties. Protests on the ground there (which I will get to another time) escalate and force the Prime Minister to resign in a years time.


January: After more problems with the economy, further looting and failed martial law attempts creating more paranoia than it serves to eliminate, the bullet at a US lawmaker from Kansas in Houston will spark the flame that will enrage militia groups into their declaration of civil war.

February: Fourteen seats in the house will be left vacant by massive beheadings over a winter holiday. This comes as battles rage on major cities across the country for control of the capitol and banking institutions. The military attempts to shut down the occupations, but the guerrilla warfare, plus splinters from army veterans, damage critical US infrastrucutre leaving it vunerable to attack.

March: A nuclear bomb is set off a park or weapons facility seeing three hundred thousand people die in its blaze. Further battles rage on.

April-August: Militia groups begin to get the upper hand as US enemies arm the rebels in their attempts to overthrow the government. The lawmakers leave Washington DC for four months before being forced to return by a newly elected US president. Obama will resign from office, facing an assassination plot that narrowly fails.

September-October: The US military tries to get the upper hand by executing captured soldiers in Lincoln Nebraska and kidnapping political dissidents and rioters in urban areas for the purpose of massive execution. When three white prisoners escape, the news will hit globally and see international support for the rebel cause given unanimously.

November: Many European countries begin rescue efforts and relief for a nuclear bomb that is set off in New York City and Los Angeles by outside forces. In addition, UN forces begin to see the tide working agains the New World Order and order troops to be sent in the defense of previous assets of the Skull and Bones organization. They will not be successful in their efforts and will face off with a militia group who forces them to hand over the articles in question. When they refuse, a firing squad executes the traitors and leaves off with the documents that will be hidden away from UN hands for a long time.

December: Seeing some victories in Ohio and Indiana, the white knights team up with the ku klux klan and other racial hate groups to offer assistance the governments attempts at thwarting plans for a militia army invasion of the north. They will be caught and killed for this treason. As a result, the long awaited Christmas day assault on Washington goes on, but with major roadblocks and hurdles to cross. By the time the snow falls and the rainbow shines from the heavens, the capitol will be stormed and its lawmakers held in contempt for crimes against humanity and betrayal of American interests.


January: The war is won and for the first time the Americans will have reclaimed the land from the elite since the foundation centuries ago. A new day will dawn on New Years Eve and peace will resume at that rate.

Keep an eye out for this to occur soon. Best wishes to you all.

The Importance of Good Posture and Poised Walking for Teens

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The media has stuck again: Teenage girls want the Kim K and Jen Lo big booty.  Alas, there is no hope for me and my small booty.  But that is ok because I am an uncool mom of a teenage boy.  Moms are not supposed to be cool.  The other day my son said to me, ‘ Mom you know the girls at school all want big butts and yours would be laughable to them but I think they are absolutely weird.”  He continued, “the girls hike up their pants way high to make it look like their butts are bigger because there is more back on their pants but come on, they are not FOOLING anyone!!  Plus they walk like this (and he demonstrated a butt out wiggle tramp walk with perfectly terrible posture).  Of course, at first I believed this to be a joke so I said, “you mean pants hiked up like Steve Urkle?”  He said “yes!”  So, texting and computer use isn’t the only thing messing up the posture of teens these days– they have a butt out walk to make their butt more attractive plus geeky nerdy pants like Steve Urkle.  I thought to myself, hummm this is a sign I am now one of those moms who is ‘out of touch’ and ‘doesn’t understand’ the modern teens.  Well that is nothing new since I never understood the teens even when I was one.  I had to find out if this was a lie and so I kept my eyes peeled at a nearby mall and indeed, my son was telling the truth about the teenage craving for a big butt.  Later that night, though I wear hip huggers which just won’t become Urkle pants, I asked some people to vote on if my butt did look bigger if I adjusted my pants and walked funny.  All that happened was I looked like a retarded duck.  What’s with these kids?  As a mom, I want to say beware of what you do to your body because it will haunt you later.  Proper posture and poise in walking is very important unless you plan on being a doubled over messed up older person.  Be happy with the butt God gave you.  Plus, if someone just wants your butt you shouldn’t want them!

Bad Instincts

So as everyone knows I don’t post often. I read a lot of everyone else’s posts. I have to say, as Fefe knows I’ve had gut instincts for my whole life. After discussing with Fefe she helped put things into perspective in ways I never thought of before. What I’ve learned this past year is, my instincts have grown so much and I now understand why.

I went to the doctor and had some tests done. As crazy as it may sound, and this is the first time I’ve publicly announced anything about what tests came up with. I was diagnosed with lupus, hashimoto diseases and recently adrenal fatigue. Now this doesn’t seem like a big deal to many…..but it is. I have found not only am I aware of my body being off. I’m also aware of my surroundings.

When I’m off I’m more aware. When I’m leveled out it weakens as I’m not on red alert. Currently I’m leveled out. But still had crazy dreams about rioting and violence growing all over the country. Government corruption growing. Because of my dreams I remain on alert now.

I know it all sounds crazy. I know in my heart we will see things happening around us we never expected to see in our life times. It just a matter of time. I can’t give specifics I just know I still feel it!






Jewish Rejection of Zionism: Restoration of True Judaism/Peace Movement


I had a dream which I interpret as an increasing rejection of Zionism worldwide, particularly among the Jews.  The Jews do not want the Zionists in Israel to increase the violence and enforce laws against women.  Christians are starting to understand that understanding the Judeo-Christian roots of Christianity means rejecting Zionism as an eugenics movement that even targets Jews.  I saw in my dream Zionism really under attack in many ways and Jews worldwide annoyed with being associated with this hate movement and they want their religion back.  I suppose as things are breaking down in Israel it makes sense that groups schism and a peace movement out of a more pure form of Judaism would try to restore the religion without Zionist corruption.  Specifically, I saw some Zionist’s man’s face was greenish and bubbly.  What is that?  Chemical warfare?