Fires west to east

I see a series of fires set with mal intent.  They seem to be synchronized when they are set but are made to look natural.   The fire starts very small in low populated areas but appear to be in industrial locations along the coast or near a waters edge.  There are chemicals involved.   When the authorities discover it’s intent and how bad they are,they begin evacuations.  The freeways are chocked with cars.  People move out of cars and begin walking and running. A lot of screaming.  I see many people trying to navigate through a canyon that little vegetation. The earth looks like a light brown or tanish color.  The sky seems to indicate a time later in the day.   The fires move east and many people are hurt.   Many people get trapped.  This vision feels very sinister to me.  I wish to be very wrong about this.  It was a very strong vision and I would  be remiss if I this could help someone and I did not report it.  I had a real bad head ache and felt dizzy and sick after this one.  It is unusual for me to have physical response like that to a vision.  

3 thoughts on “Fires west to east

  1. wow! that’s full on yoga, i’m wondering if these fires start from a volcanic eruption under a city?

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