Update on The Riker’s Island Prison Breakout Prediction

Note: This prediction was updated on August 29th with additional information. Please see below for more detail.


So as you have all probably noticed (or not noticed) by now, the prison breakout at Riker’s Island Penitentiary did not go off as planned. August 21st to the 25th came and went without incident….or so it seemed. However, this cannot be written off as a “failed” prediction by any means. Instead, it was one that was either narrowly avoided or held off indefinitely for a more opportune time in the future. Here’s why I say this is the case:


During this volatile month of August, much has been made of the rioting in Ferguson, Missouri over the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. The anger from there could have easily spilled into the streets of New York City (and did to a much more peaceful degree in Staten Island a week ago). The city government has apparently been wise to the likelihood of this prediction occurring, apparently, because a couple of changes have been made behind the scenes that led to this averted disaster that I predicted to occur for this month.


For starters, we have the recent commission set up for administrative changes at Riker’s Island in response to the new found celebrity of Occupy Wall Street stand by Cecily McMillan exposing great wrongdoing in their midst. Tensions have been high and much has been done to reduce anger that could have swelled into the riot that would lead to this dangerous breakout in their midst. With inmates dying without proper medical care and allegations of sexual abuse, forced resignations and probings into further misconduct have come as a result of her bravery in speaking out against corruption. Her reduced prison sentence helped to assure anger would not swell up to violent proportions and that changes would be made amongst the employees at the prison facility. If her sentence had been pushed to its maximum time of seven years and nothing would have changed in their midst, things would be much worse in New York City as we speak.


Then we have the stunning revelations about the inner workings of corrupt New York City and Albany politicians. With Working Families splinter off Zephyr Teachout making national headlines and the Green Party’s Howie Hawkins just waiting in the wings for when Zephyr likely loses her primary challenge on September 9th, this was not an opportune time to enflame tensions of the masses by the powers that be. This would only lead to a stock market crash not of their creation and the inevitable breakdown of society that follows in the lead up to rightful civil war. The elite are not ready to declare their new world order agenda publicly just yet, so forcing their hand was the most devastating blow to their plans they have ever had to experience on a normally smooth ride to absolute control of the world. That’s what has led to the public scenes of “reform” staged to tide the swelling anger of public opinion. It won’t be a successful effort (since such moves are for show only), but the hope is that it will calm down rightful anger of over taxed, over burdened and over worked citizens of the United States who are reaching their final breaking point to collapse peaceful engagement. The problem for them, though, is that they can’t keep up this bubbled ponzi scheme forever. It will self destruct, against their will, soon enough.


It is also important to mention that the city is not out of the woods just yet. For the prison breakout that I have foreseen at Riker’s Island, we have only seen this issue averted to another time rather than dealt with all together. Cecily is due back in court for another trial involving the interference of police duties. If the judge overseeing this case decides to throw the book at her once more, that could be enough to set off a riot at Riker’s that causes pandemonium to occur throughout the entire city (and potentially the state as well). This is especially dangerous in October as it would be in conjunction with a stock market collapse that leads to more poverty and despair for the entirety of the country. Though this horror has been averted (for now anyway), the threat of trying to make an example out of peace activists, in addition the instability amongst New Yorkers, means that this horrifying prediction could still happen in October; likely on the 23rd or 25th and on a much larger scale. Keep an eye out for it at that time; especially after Zephyr loses to Cuomo and Cecily receives her a more severe sentence for challenging the powers that be in a more aggressive way than before. We’re not out of the woods for this prediction just yet, so still keep an eye out for this to occur in the fall at an even more dangerous time than before.

ETA (8/29/14): I wanted give credit to one of our commenters, Luna tic, for bringing me to the attention of a jail break in Ukraine after a rocket hit the prison facility in Donetsk. This could be a partially fulfilled prediction, but I am still of the belief that will happen occur in October or November instead in a conjunction with a stock market crash. In any event, this still remains to be seen.

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  1. I sold what little stock I possessed recently and made a profit (trying to keep it in savings but you know…have a family). I did this one other time and it was (I think) about April of 2001. I’m glad I did because I have the same type of feeling that we are in for a major roller coaster ride. Thanks for your sage advise Liam. I used to work a large financial brokerage for a decade and a half. Not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I always got the feeling that the stock market was like gambling with points. I like tangible assets and ones that hug you good morning, those are the best.

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