Live “Extraterrestrial” found


Not sure if this was a premonition, vision, or just my imagination, but it looked very plausible.

I saw either a grey alien or a pleidian underneath a car(a random one or a police car).Actually, I’m not sure was it was, but I know it was humanoid and could talk some english.It had a grey,silver, or white body suit on.It was laying on it’s side underneath the left side of the car. Maybe it was hiding from them.

 It looked like it had a seizure of some sort, or maybe it had a brain injury.It kept repeating some phrase over and over, I forgot what it was.Perhaps it knew limited english? There will be a witness there who might know about it, or maybe that was just me viewing through a witness or bystander’s perspective.

I keep calling it “it” because I’m not sure of the gender and because I know that other advanced humanoid species have always been here.They live with us on earth.I put extraterrestrials in quote, since it will be identified as an extraterrestrial being, even though it might actually live here on earth.

4 thoughts on “Live “Extraterrestrial” found

  1. Unified,
    That’s a cool vision. It sounds like it could possibly be remote viewing. Have you ever had a vision that you could verify later on?

    1. Yes.two visions I had were confirmed to be true,but they don’t always happen like how i saw them. Usually someone else verifies my visions and tells me that they did happen.I honestly don’t keep up with them.If they do happen, I won’t be the one to state it, because I don’t believe in taking credit.Let the people be the ones to tell you. That’s the best validation.

      I see people I don’t know in my visions. And I haven’t been posting visions that long, so probably most of them are pending. It’s quite complicated to explain.

      I don’t find out about them happening until months later.

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