I had a vision about a reporter saying that eating too much carbohydrates is responsible for most bodily issues you have or will have in the future.Couldn’t understand the details.

I love carbohydrates, unfortunately.pasta, dumpling, sandwiches, french toast, veggie burgers..etc.Cutting down on the bread is not going to be simple. In fact, I kinda indulged today.

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  1. This is funny coz yesterday, i was only talking about how i need to cut bread, and carbs, great minds think alike lol

  2. Everyone knows I read a lot— I got side tracked trying to redo my diet and I know this is totally gross but I think a lot of problems in the American diet boil down to yeast overgrowth. I read several books and websites about yeast. I am trying a yeast free diet now and have much more energy and feel happy—-it means cutting all my favorites: wine, cheese, pickles, chocolate, bread….plus I’m only organic and local. I always take care of my diet and am vegetarian but this last little bit has made staying thin very easy and I don’t feel controlled by cravings. I do cheat and have a cup of coffee everyday (that is the only caffine I have now—but anyway. Herbal tea is very relaxing I have found)

  3. I eat way too much of everything I shouldn’t, especially fried foods. I also have far too much caffeine in my diet.

  4. Thanks for commenting you guys.=)

    Since I was a child I had an addiction to bread.The taste,the way it feels when you chew it.Don’t get me started on pasta…oh man! Time to cut down on that stuff, indeed…but I’m going to need a substitution of some kind.

    Subtly I’m eating more organic foods.Too bad the local stores around here don’t have enough organic stuff. Eating no meats has helped me keep the weight down too. Weight stores in places that causes issues, haha.

    Surely eating too much of anything is bad.we must eat in proportions…eat fruit between meals.

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