Earthquake Dream


I had a vivid dream/vision today that I was standing on an upper floor of a high rise building. Within seconds, the building began to shake and progressively the shaking became more violent where it became very difficult to stand. After, what seemed to be two or three minutes of shaking, the building slowly began to lean over. I was still inside the building as the building was falling to one side. I also noticed there was no furniture in the building and there were large glass windows on each floor. This may have been a new building that was not yet ready for occupancy. I seemed protected throughout this event and walked away without any injury and was speaking to others following the earthquake. This may be a sign that a significant seismic event is very near. Please be prepared and stay safe. Peace, love and light to the world.❤



9 thoughts on “Earthquake Dream

  1. Earthangel. My Dreams and Visions tell me that the Worst Earthquake in recorded history is at the very door, and it will either be San Francisco or New Madrid.

  2. Dearest Daydreamers,
    I believe you are correct with the timing and locations of these events. Please be prepared, protected and be safe.
    Peace, love and light to you and the world.❤

  3. Dearest Ellie,
    I believe the 6.0 magnitude Napa earthquake that occurred on 8/24/2014 was a foreshock or warning of greater seismic activity and increased occurrences of earthquake events in the very near future. Please be prepared, protected and be safe. Peace, love and light to you and the world.❤

    • hey earth angel, well you were right, she’s starting to rock n roll, there was also a 7.0 in chili at the same time i think it was chili i have to check.. PLEASE EVERYONE LISTEN TO EARTHANGEL SHE IS RIGHT ON THE MONEY!. This quake is just the beginning, mother nature is only clearing her throat she hasn’t begun to sing yet. take care all

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